Saturday, May 15, 2010

There is a time for everything... especially a quiet book!

So my niece had a baby girl a couple of years ago and we haven't had a baby in our family for awhile so we all sing, dance and talk like 2 years olds, and that's ok, we're good with that!  For years my sister and I have gotten together and made crafts... well now that we have Macy we have many new projects we can make. I remember when my kids were young we had these cute little fabric books and they loved them.  I actually kept a couple of my patterns so that I could make them for my grandkids some day.  Well I googled kids books and found this whole world of  "quiet books" out there and knew we had to make one.  We actually ordered a pattern online but then I had to give it "my style" just a bit.  Super easy and fun to make!!!

Most of the examples I have seen were made of felt, and tho I like the ways felt looks I didn't think it would last very long.  I simply took scraps and sewed them onto this thick muslin fabric I had, almost feels like canvas. I was not concerned about straight lines.  No if you are thinking those strings look tacky, you have to know Macy, she plays with eyelashes, so this is right up her alley! I simply stamped the letters on the book.
We added a denim pocket for storage, she can add crayons or a snack, whatever she wants We stuck little lady bugs and butterflies in there for her to use as finger puppets and play with them on another page. . I love batik fabric and love the way this really looks like water. The whale comes off.
This orange page is so fun.  I used the plastic from a curtain package, the jewels can't come out but she has a little pocket she can put the fish in and out of . The bubbles are sewn on.  Also notice the little color tabs, kinds like scrapbooking books.  Each page has a tab in it's color. The sheep page is a texture page, just lots of buttons sewn on. I love this page!!!
The purple page has removable grapes.  The yellow page has a sun and stars, the middle of the sun comes off and has a musical disc inside that plays twinkle twinkle little star. She loves this page!
The flower page is fun, all the flowers unbutton.  There is a zipper on the planter for her to store the flowers in.  This is the page that she can play with ladybugs and butterflies. The car's wheels come off.
This is another texture page, the nest is like eyelashes, something for her to play with. I didn't get a picture but there is another pocket on the inside back page and more of the color strips on the very back. This was such a fun project!  I'd like to make some more one of these days.
I think she likes it, she really, really likes it! And if she is happy we are happy!


Lisa said...

Awesome book! I had one years ago for my daughters. They are great for church. I should do a new one for my grandsons.
About that table--yes, I did sand it, but I also used Ralph Lauren smoke glaze. I found this secret on several decorating blogs I follow.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to 'see' you again!

Anonymous said...

This book is so adorable. What a wonderful keepsake, both the book and the pictures. Such a treasure you have created!

Crystal said...

What an adorable child!!! She loves her new book!

miss Yelpington said...

this is so cute,i love it, what a wonderful gift,its good how you can make it personal for the child your making it for xxx

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