Thursday, May 6, 2010

My baby girls room (she is 15)

This is my daughter's room.  We redecorated it a couple of months ago.  We have redone her room a few times over the years but this time was really cool because it was her plan.

This is an art piece created by me, I am no artist just played and had fun.  She likes it! Those of you who have a teenager know how unusual that is!!!

We got so lucky when we found this rug.  It is the perfect match. I still want to paint the futon chair and recover it.
These are suppose to be tables but we hung them on the wall.  We decided to paint the room gray, not a color I would usually pick but since she is growing up she wanted something a little more sophisticated.  I really like it, easy color to live with.

This is my favorite piece in her room.  It is so sweet.  I found it at Home Goods for a few bucks, very origianal.
This is her favorite part of the room.  She is obsessed with Taylor Swift.  This was totally her own idea, very creative, it has pictures, and the words to her songs on it as well.

So share with me your kids rooms.  I am going to be designing a 2 yr old room and need some great ideas.

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