Sunday, May 9, 2010

Goodwill hunting, good times!

So this weekend I went to East Texas to see my sister.  Her daughter is building a beautiful new house.  We were driving in the city and noticed the Goodwill parking lot jammed full of cars, there wasn't a parking spot to be had. Now I have been to her Goodwill before and it is nothing like mine, very little treasure's but this day was totally different!  My sister dropped me off at the door and drove around the parking lot waiting for someone to leave so that she could park.  It turns out the were having an anniversary sale offering coupons but the big deal was they were bringing new products out by the hour.  I haven't seen this since the Elmo craze at Christmas!!!  People were waiting at the backdoor like vulchers to see what was coming out next.  Moving through the store was next to impossible, there were people with 3 carts going!  It was just craziness, but boy did we find some fun treasures.  I mentioned my niece is building a house, it is probably 3 times the one she has now and she is going to need some stuff, so we rolled up out sleeves and got busy.  It is just crazy to see what people get rid of.  I'll post some of the pics now and show you what we do with them in the coming months.  These candle sticks are AMAZING, pure brass, I think they are from a church, they are about 3 feet tall, we found 4 of them for 5.99 each!!!! We may spray paint them, I know, I know... brass but we gotta do what works for the house! We'll use that stand as a towel rack in the bathroom.
Can you believe I got this for 12.99?  I have wanted one of these forever, I'm going to do nothing to change it, just put it on my porch for Christmas.
This pic shows a little of everything.  Those 2 finial things up front, 1.29, the pumpkin I think 3.00 and the urn will look fabulous with some ORB paint. 
More good stuff, most of this stuff wasn't more than 3.00. Look at the gold brass candle sticks behind the blue thingy in the front, very neat design.
A better picture of this lamp.  I think she is going to paint it and put a clear shade on top and make it a candle holder.
Look at the brown glass, it is so pretty a big piece.  The ugly blue bowl with lemons will totally be transformed. There are some cute shelves under the brown glass, cute little scalloped edge, a little spray paint and as good as new!
These 2 tarnished pieces are very cool, we may give them a coat of spray paint.  I love this picture, can you see that with a black frame? Another one of those little drawer thingys, my niece loves those! You can't see them all but we have collected a bunch of frames to do a frame wall.
I think spray paint will be our best friend, these medallions will look so cool with a little more color.  And look at the stone looking things in the back, 3 of them, really cool! A simple little shelf in front for the playroom.
This cute little plate was from Marshall's orginally, it still had the tag on it, 3.99! The vase we got at a garage sale for .25 cents.  It is dirty now but won't be for long!
This basket will be cute in the bathroom holding soaps and towels.  The little iron thing in the background with the candle stuck to it, I think it's going in the bathroom with soap decorative balls on it and that little ornate box is is perfect condition. Cute little copper pitchers and nice bookmarks.  Check out the pillow form, furry soft animal fur.
I think this is one of my favorite pieces.  She is just beautiful, probably about a foot tall and she was 10.99 I think.  We already spray painted her a bronze color, I just forgot to take her picture afterwards. Anyway we got lots of other stuff I'll post at another time and I'll show it to you as we redo or purpose it!  Go check out your local thrift store, you might be shocked at what you will find, if you already have, share with me your treasures!

I am still working on the plant chair.  I hope to get her done this week. 

Toodles~ MSP Laura


LaurieJean said...

What a treasure trove of a place you found!!! Anxious to see the transformations!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOHHHH PLEASE tell me what you did with those huge brass candlesticks! My mother in law has moved in with me (I love her dearly!) and her brother had given her the same set of brass candlesticks from the Philipines years ago. I will eventually inherit them and can tell you that they will not stay brassy! Please share your ideas! LOVE your blog! Have searched every single post and am thrilled with some of the ideas I am getting from you. Thank you so much...

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