Monday, March 28, 2011

Hang it up!

So here are a few more things that we made for my little niece. We bought these hooks at Hobby Lobby for on clearance for a couple of dollars.
Pretty boring, we thought we could jazz them up a bit.
Aren't they cute???? My sister, niece and I all took one and glammed it up.
My sister made this one, love the dotted swiss and pearl necklace!
My niece made this one, love the polka dots and cute little red flowers she made.

And the one I made. This paper is so cute but this is a bad picture. Wouldn't it be cool if we could make our own clothes out of paper and throw them away when we are done??? No more washing!!!!

I'm running really late with my Easter decorating, why???? There is so much garbage in front of the box I can't get to it. However, I did make a little something tonight, just a peek at what I am working on. I hope to get everything out this week.
Aren't they pretty, wish they were real!
I covered a small Goodwill basket with them. Come back soon and see what I am working on.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big Girl Paper Dolls!

Well I mentioned to you all that I went back to my niece's house to decorate her daughter's room. She just turned 3 and is just a doll. I couldn't wait to get started. Let me tell you we had ALOT to do to this room. The walls were painted and that is it! I'm not going to show it all to you right now (mostly because I had to leave before I got pics) but here is a tease... a little bit of art we made for the room.

 This is made on a 12 x 12 piece of MDF and with scrapbook papers and my Silhouette.
 You can see I inked the edges of the page. Adorable glitter paper.
I channeled my inner Cinderella when making this one! :) Don't these shoes look perfect for dancing with a prince? Can you see the polka dot swiss peeking out of her dress?

I actually made 4 of them but only have pictures of 2 for now.

This was so much fun to do... took me back to my childhood playing with paperdolls.
I want to live in this room! Anyway as soon as I get pictures I will post them. For now a little peek to make you drool. So did you LOVE paperdolls when you were a kid?
If you want to see the two others I made go here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break!

I'm taking a break from bloggin for a few days. I'm headin to the piney woods of East Texas and hopefully get to see alot of these. I also hope to have lots of pictures of what I will be working on.
. It's a room for this sweet little thing! Hope you all are getting some sunshine.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Girls day!

I had one of those fun, totally me days! It started meeting an old friend at a local shop that has all kinds of fun scrapbook supplies and great classes. It's called The Little Blue House.
Isn't it cute??
I want one! This place is actually 30 minutes away, which is a really good thing or I wouldn't ever have any money!
They had soooo many cool projects but I couldn't take many pictures of them so here is what I was able to get. This is a magnetic calendar. See the little box on the bottom it's a matchbox filled with numbers. You move the arrow onto whatever month it is. All these flowers are cut from a Silhouette. LOVE IT!
This is a project you make with scraps. I really want to make one of these. Even tho I'm not a scrapbooker, I've sure got the scraps!
This is the sweetest little purse, or at least that is how I would use it.

This is made with some really cool metal paper, texturized and sanded.
It looks like a real metal frame.
 This is one of my favorite things!
This lady really knows women! A glass tree for all those ladies who need a little extra help.

I have several of these, what a great way to store them.
And look how what she displayed in this candolier instead of candles. Does that make it a buttonier?
 She even had cute little snacks for us!
This is how I was feeling today, it was a good day!
We went to a couple of other stores but uh... no cameras allowed! Silly people! Rust and lace=love!!!
 Ok, I snuck one on the way out, what a sweet idea with the bottle and stick.
I totally forgot to take a picture of my project. I will show that to you tomorrow and the stuff I bought. I got so many great ideas, wish I could just make stuff all day! How about you, do you have all the time you want to create?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Potting Bench

Several years ago my husband bought me this potting bench.
Unfortunately it had become storage on our back porch to the point that I couldn't use it and it was nothing more than an eyesore (to me). You see the back yard belongs to my husband for all of his "collections". I happened to mention that I would love to have my bench over to the side yard so that I could use it for planting this year. Today he woke up and said today is the day and began to clean it up!!! Hallelujah! I think I heard the angels sing!
I didn't get out there soon enough to get a before picture, it was awful! This is just the stuff he took off that he didn't throw away! I have to tell you I was so excited to get it back AND I had just purchased a few spring flowers the other day. And then I  thought blog post, blog post! And then I'm thinking of all that I can do to make it something I can put on here. One minute I am cleaning house and the next playing with my potting supplies. So much more fun!
Isn't it cute?
I love my flowers in an old rusty lunch box.
It has this cool little tub where you can put dirt.
But then when you don't need the dirt you put the wooden lid back on top of it.
Lots of storage on the bottom.
And even more on top with drawers and shelves.
I love this old rusted out lantern.
I've had this little out house forever, it's just so cute, can you say that about an out house?
This bird house I painted years ago back in my Mary Englebreit days. ( I adore her!)
This is an old lounge chair of my husbands. I started having him bring over a few of his cool pieces for my photo shoot. Now I am thinking put a little pillow in there and it's the perfect place for me to sit and relax after planting.
Another one of his things, and old tractor seat on a base. Rust =love!
So now I have my own little space in our backyard, thank you honey! I suggested some other "things" we could do in the back yard and he reminded me Rome wasn't built in a day! sigh! So what are you doing to get ready for spring?

Visiting Gail at Mr Repurposed Life

My Repurposed Life

Friday, March 4, 2011

"B" List!

I know, I know, most of us want to make it to the "A" list but I am perfectly happy making it on my friends' "B" list.

B is Tammy from Beatrice Banks and she has a truly smart and fresh  blog. She was so sweet to spotlight me and do a little interview on some of my projects. You should go over and check it out.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So a friend recently introduced me to the coolest on line catalog I just have to share. It is called Nappa Style. Get ready to drool! They have really cool stuff, old and new. I love their use of vintage items. It's got me to thinking!
How simple would this be? Anyone have a sun room that needs these?
Or how about these on your greenhouse?
Speaking of gardening, these would be adorable on the table at your dinner party this summer.
And while you are at it make a couple of these to serve cheese and fruit on. You ever wonder what to do with all of those cutting boards at Goodwill?
You'll probably need some candlelight too. (Note to self, find some spindles)
Maybe you prefer shorter candles. Just find some antique light socket parts.
Or maybe some made from crown molding.
I just picked one of these up at Goodwill. I'm going to put flowers and candles in mine.
These have great vintage charm to them. I actually saw the same identical thing at Hobby Lobby for about 90.00 less!
Everyone who repaints furniture always pulls these off of the furniture and updates with something more modern, but on the wall holding a towel they are adorable!
Their lighting is just A-MAZE-ING!!! Insulators, I am seriously trying to figure out how to do this. I found one of these at Goodwill too!
Storage and a light fixture! Brilliant!!!
All you shabby chik girls get up off the floor, I know, I know, gorgeous! I have to show you MY fav!!!
I love this!!!! It sent me to Ebay to look for door plates. I know I could come up with a way to reproduce it BUT I don't have a place for it in my home.... yet!
So go and check out Nappa and see what you can find to drool over.
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