Sunday, September 26, 2010

Angela's beautiful home Part II

So a couple of weeks ago I showed you my friend Angela's home, or at least part of it. The pictures just don't do it justice. I want to show you her bedroom and upstairs rooms.
 This is her bed, remember Minnie and Cooper, great dogs to cuddle up to!  They look like they think the bed belongs to them! lol Check out that headboard, dreamy!
 This may be one of the best features to the home.  They added it a couple of years ago. It was a very ugly day outside, dreary and raining, but this place still looks gorgeous!!! This is the view from the french doors in her bedroom. I would be curled up with a book ALL THE TIMIE! What an oasis!!!
I love these nightstands and mirrors. There is one on each side of the bed. Anything smaller wouldn't have looked right with the height of her bed. They give this room the weight it needs.
Here is another one of those deals that makes your jaw drop.  She got this chair, just as it is at the church rummage sale.  I think she said she paid 20.00 for it!  The wood is exquisite!!!! I so wished I had seen this chair before her!!!

Ok I am saying it again!  I love this room.  This is her game room or play room for her kids. Lucky kids huh? The diamond pattern and game accents make it!
The points on the curtains match the diamonds, smart, smart, smart!
And last but not least, check out this guest room.  I wouldn't go home!  Angela's home is truly beautiful. It says sit down and stay for awhile. Her use of color, texture and pattern are just right! Thanks Angela for letting me stalk your house!

~toodles~ Laura

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Craft room redo - Third time is a charm!

All you people who are putting out all of your fall stuff have me so envious.  I live in Texas and we are still feeling the heat so fall and pumpkins aren't going to work for now, but it is my fav season so I will be getting my stuff out the first sign of cooler weather!

Since I can't do fall I thought I would work on my craft room, AGAIN, and get it ready for the upcoming season. It seems the room is always in a mess so I thought I needed to try to create as much organization as I possibly could. Here is a small peek at one corner of the room. Scary right!
I got so busy emptying the room out I forgot to take more pics.

Here is a glance of it after I cleaned it up.  This is a fabric I fell in love with and was so excited when I found a use for it.

I love this setup, most everything I need is at my fingertips.  I simply painted the peg board the same color of the wall so it would kinda go away. I love it, wish it was bigger!
I purchased these shelves at IKEA, I wish I had bought more and of course they don't have them anymore!
This piece of furniture was in my den but someone gave me another piece of furniture which caused this shifting of furniture. (My husband says it must be torture in my mind always changing things up and never satisfied!) This was a sofa table and had only 2 shelves.  I added another and really maximized storage.  I was a bit surprised at myself!
Simple little bulletin board made out of an old frame from a thriftstore.
More storage for all of my goodies.
This is one of my fav parts!  I purchased the most yummy canned peaches at the dollar store and they came in these adorable jars. I couldn't throw them away so I decided to use them in my room.
This part of the room is very sentimental for me.  These are various items my kids have made me through the years.  They are right at eye level to remind me to be free and creative like a child when I am creating.
A unique storage for my cards and envelopes.
Now here is the secret about the desk.  I bought this as a coffee table at goodwill for 17.00.  I brought it home and planned on using it in my den and did for awhile but it just was too large for the space so I decided to add legs. You will notice them in the above pics, I left the old legs on also, partially because I can be a bit lazy and partially because it could become a coffee table again if I change my mind! Super easy to make this skirt, I just pleated and stapled it on.
This is my husbands side of the room.  Can you tell he likes monitors???
A sneak peak under the desk. Of course I had to skirt the table so that I could hide more stuff!!!!
Ahhh, my new baby and what partially spurred on this room redo.  I had to find a place to put the Sillouette machine so I could use it easily.
Now if only I could figure out what to do with this monster!!! As you can see I am certainly NOT using it for what it's purpose is! And I have a pillow addiction.
This is the last pic, this is the original desk before I painted and added the legs.  It looked awful but it is a very good piece of oak, a great score! Thanks for looking at the longest post ever!  I love my new room, I just go in and stare at it and can't wait until I can get in there and really do some creating! Do you have a place that inspires you?

~ toodles Laura

Monday, September 13, 2010

Every girl needs a little black dress!

I am getting really excited!  My niece has been building a beautiful home for the last few months and she is very close to moving in.  We have been shopping for months and making plans.  I will have so much to show you as we put this house together.  I went this weekend to do some more shopping (love spending other people's money) and I have to give you a sneak peek a couple of things that her mom and her have already made and a GREAT find we found at Goodwill this weekend.

I wish I had the before pic of this.  She purchased a dress on clearance for 6.00 I think.  It had these adorable ruffles, my sister cut it apart and made this pillow for my niece's (called "C" from now on) bed. uhhh C-UTE!!!!

C put together this adorable little frame. She got the frame from Michael's for 1.00, painted, inked, sanded,  and tore and walaaaaa she has a great sign for her home.  I love the flower, she has to teach me how to make one of those!

                                                                      See isn't it cute!

                                                 And a little closer look, such a great gift idea.

We had to go and check out the local Goodwill, we always manage to find something we can't live without. 

Doesn't she have beautiful legs!

Her shape is gorg!

And her price...out of this world.  Just wait until we paint and chip her up!
Stay tune for more, there will be lots to show!
toodles ~ Laura

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun with vinyl

I'm still playing with my Silhouette.  Such a great weekend to get a fun surprise!  I saw this on someone's blog but honestly I have no idea who's because I didn't have any idea I could ever make one.  I loved it and thought it would be the perfect first project.  It seemed easy enough, but I had a little bit of trouble just finding my way around the machine.  Third time was a charm and I love it!
 It looks nice, huh?  I painted the pole today as well. I want to add a finial to the top because a little bird uses it as his hang out place everyday and you know what that means!  A mess!!!
I want to plant some flowers at the base also, maybe next spring! Looking for some more projects.  There are only 500 pages of designs to look at!
I had to take a picture and share the sky tonight, gorgeous!!!
~toodles~ Laura

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I love my new Silhouette machine!!!

Well I finally figured everything out, or should I say some things out and got a couple of things made tonight.  I am so excited at the potential this machine has!!! If you are considering getting one I say go for it, they are amazing!! Here are just a couple of things that I played with tonight.
 This is a simple flower that was cut out of white paper, I rubbed a pink chalk pad on the edges and then rolled the petals around a pencil, glued all the flowers together and put a pink button in the middle, so cute!
This is a card, the machine cuts it out, I used orange and then inked a contrast color with bronze and glued it down. So simple, I will have cards at my fingertips now!!!
And I love this. I took one of those cheap inexpensive glass jars from dollar store.  I wrapped it with this paper that I cut out, filled it with black beans, put a candle in and put some orange ribbon on the bottom.  I can change this out for different holidays, so easy!!! So this is what I have created in just an hour of playing with it.  My husband says "will we ever get you back!!!" I'm not so sure.  If you have any great ideas or projects I would love to see them.

~toodles~ Laura

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rich and Beautiful home!

Today I want to share with you a really beautiful home.  I t just so happens that this home belongs to a friend of mine.  This was my first time to go to her house.  I knew it would be great because she has cut my hair for years and her salon cubby always had really cute things in it.  So I was no dummy... I brought my camera with hopes that she would let me take pics and share them with you all.

Ok this is the first thing you see when you come in the door.  This is Cooper, isn't he adorable??? Cooper is a labradoodle (lab & poodle mixed).  He is the friendliest dog around and as my friend Angela says, he matches her decor! (Not that she planned it that way, it just happened..... it was meant to be!)
This is the formal area just inside the door (that partial dog you see is Minnie, get it Minnie and Cooper, lol.  Minnie doesn't stay as still as Coop.) Anyway as you can see Angela likes dark rich colors.  They are all through the house, very warm!
Check out these beautiful ceiling tiles.  This pic doesn't do them justice, they are at least 2 ft each.
Check out the detail, this are just gorgeous!!!!
This cabinet is soooo nice!  I love the glass.  Angela said this is a piece she bought when she first got married, great taste!
She purchased this dining table at the same time.  She says her taste has changed since she bought this but isn't wanting to replace it anytime soon.  Here's a great tip... to change the look she added the fabric to the chairs so they wouldn't look so straight lined and recovered the bottoms.  I think these simple touches transform her furniture to match the look she is going for now.  Sometimes we can't rationalize purchasing new when there is nothing wrong with what we have and so you have to think outside the box of ways that you can bring a new look to an old piece.  Angela did just that!
Here is another angle.
Great job of accessorizing above the cabinets.
Such a pretty table, I should have taken a better picture to show you the detail.  A Craigslist find! Love the addition of the upholstered chairs!
 Here you can see the really nice texture she had added to the walls.  It's so warm and I love the addition of the letters spelling home.  I have admired those letters at the Hob Lob! 

This is the den, just off of the kitchen. More great accessorizing.

Check out this fireplace!  Angela has such a good sense of placement.  First of all look at the lamps she picked up at a thrift store.  She found lampshades and added the fringe.  I love them, and I love that they aren't identical!  Great idea to add them to the mantle also. It's hard to see what all she has up there but notice there are different sizes and she even covered up a little of the picture, that is ok, it adds interest!
A little closer look.
Adorable! This is in her hall bath. Love the floral arrangement, super simple to make! Well that is is for now.  I have several more rooms to show you but it's getting late.  Check back in a few days to see her playroom, bedroom, guest bedroom and more!  She has a wonderful sense of style.  So tell me what is your favorite?
~toodles~ Laura
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