Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine pretties!

It's hard to believe but about this time last year I found the blog world and I remember immediately wanting to be a part of it. Everyone was making great Valentine pretties and so I was inspired to do the same thing. All of this was stuff I made then. I now have a Silhouette and so I have a couple of ideas for projects and I hope to get them done tomorrow. Here is the buffet in my kitchen. One of my favorite spaces.
This little tree I made out of branches from a tree outside, lightly sprayed them white. It  is so sweet to me.
These little hearts I made by covering wooden hearts with scrapbook paper. I also used my Cuttlebug to emboss the paper. Then I inked the edges to give them an aged look.
A little closeup of all the styles
Can you tell the little pink heart is embossed?  I embossed this red heart  with brown embossing powder and the blue one is a foil like paper that has been embossed with the Cuttlebug.
 This paper came stitched with pink and red..
One of my favorite papers. Little red polka dot ribbons tied all over the tree.
Oh and I hung them with these cute little hangers that I purchased at Christmas time.
This is a little book that I added xoxo to. The red "O's" are velvet paper!
Aren't these cherry's so sweet. This is back from my Mary Engelbreit days. Chair of bowlies!
xoxo, love birds! I got these at Michael's last year, xoxo
This teapot just makes me happy! I bought this years ago and it's perfect for V-day.
It's so life like, really raised letters. Have I said so sweet yet???
And these smell sooooo good! They're candles and I don't dare burn them, it isn't necessary they smell good anyway.
And here it is all pulled together! Happy Valentine's day!!!!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Kitchen reveal

Well we are moving onto the kitchen of Macy momma's house. This is a kitchen most of us would have serious envy for, spacious, gorgeous cabinets and so much storage!
I love this window, we painted it and distressed it and the white teapots. One of my favs!
The tray in the back was red, it was from Hob Lob on clearance for 4.00. The finial's are old we just repainted and glazed them. Sweet little vignette.
This picture has so much to drool over. First look at this woodwork, isn't it amazing! All the frames were from Goodwill and so is the white plate, fixed up with a vinyl Silhouette. These silver teapots (may just be plated) are from Goodwill. Great shape!

What do you think about this pantry door? She found the iron work after she moved in, great addition!
Gotta love the polka dots, but check out the granite!

More Silhouette love...

Great plate wall! Inspired by PB.
Works for me, chocolate please!
I have never seen a piece like this! Isn't it fantastic, the lines are amazing!
We didn't paint this, MM picked it up at a First Monday Trade days.

And the table was bought at the same place.
Art hanging on the wall.
 This is a Goodwill frame we repainted. Added burlap to the backing and glued on some keys from Hob Lob.
I am crazy about stone, so this wall is a highlight to me! So I am out of rooms that we have decorated for the house. MM is coming to the big city in a couple of days. We need to work on Macy's house. We've got lots of ideas, check back soon to see what we have come up with!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spotlight Sunday

Hey I am excited to let you know I am being spotlighted at Not So Homemade. Check out Courtney's blog. She created my new blog. She was so easy to work with. Contact her if you are in need of  a blog makeover.

Winner Winner, chicken dinner!

Okay, so she didn't win a chicken dinner, sorry about that, but she won a cute little wreath to decorate her door! I am so excited about the response But enough about that, I know you just want to know who won!
But I have to thank you for all the wonderful compliments you all gave to my projects! I had to do this drawing old school style by assigning  everyone a number and then cutting up a bunch of numbers.
There has got to be an easier way.
And then it was time to draw a number. Now my intention was to get someone from my family, but nooooo, I am home alone at this minute... but I told you people I would let you know by 4:00 (my time) so I thought about it and I remembered today my Pastor gave a sermon on integrity, and what we do when people aren't watching so you are going to have to take my word for it, I am practicing integrity (as I always try to do) and I did the drawing all by myself. Enough already huh, who won they say!!!!!
The winner would be Michelle from  
I am so excited for her!!! She has a great blog, go and check it out. She has lots of ideas for you to do art with your children! So Michelle if you see this contact me and I will get your info and get this in the mail to you, ASAP!  Congrats guys and thanks for playing along. It was fun, I am thinking about what to do for my next giveaway!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The rest of the Den

If you haven't signed up to win my First Giveaway, go here now to win a beautiful Valentine wreath. 

Well a few days ago I began to show you some of the den but I didn't want the post to babble on forever so I broke it up into 2 days. Today I want to show you the rest of the space. I'll start with the sofa.

Macy's momma LOVE'S pillows (uh who doesn't?) and so she had a plan of what she wanted it to look like. So here is her pillow story... (I got that off of  Sara's house on HGTV, love that show) Are you starting to see how these post can just ramble... uh ok. The 2 outside pillows came with the new sofa. The muslin pillows and the center pillow we made. This muslin is really got a lot of texture and a great color, scored a 1/2 bolt at a garage sale for pennies. Wait you want to see them up close?
Delicious right!

I love this little flower, guess what it was in is former life?
Yep, an old ladies jacket, did you guess? (Sorry if you like the jacket, I do too, that is why I bought it at Goodwill) These pillows all turned out so CUTE! I think all of us are trying to ruffle anything we can find in the house now.

Oh and this carpet. I love you Home Goods, the PERFECT carpet for this home! Like the vintage coffee table, lovin it!

Um check out this tv cabinet AND that TV. I think it like 98 inches, well not quite but it's huge. Gotta keep the man of the house happy!

Some of these items are Goodwill finds that have been redone. Anything blue we painted and glazed. The big black and white vases on top were a splurge. When I decorate a room I always have a couple of splurges, that is how I keep the cost down, mix thrift, sales and splurges together.

Speaking of splurges, what do you think about this one? We saw this at Haverty's and I fell in love! Macy's momma went back with coupon on hand and mark down because of few scratches and can you believe she got it for $37.00! Get up off the floor, I know, I wish she had bought 2! It's such a great piece for the room. But it was kinda lost in the corner so we added scrapbook paper.
I had to get out the Silhouette machine for this one. Isn't is cute!

I showed you this space before. We thought that pic looked lost so we had to add a little something to it.

I love these, I want to find some for my house! We got the frames at Goodwill and painted them black and added the knocker and door knob.
A little improvement, unless you like swan pics.
Did you notice the blue zebra print chair, I know to dieeee for! Another Home Goods score.
Isn't this clock so adorable? She picked this up at a local flea market called First Monday in Canton, You made have heard of it. It is the most amazing flea market. If you ever have the opportunity to go, go!
Oh and the curtains we made. These are flocked material, taupey grey color. We found these at Marshalls' I think for 10.00 premade panels. We covered 4 windows with two panels. You can't beat that price!
So that pretty much covers the den. Come back soon I'll share the kitchen next! If you missed the first part of the den or bedroom or bath, take a look at my archives. They have been posted in 2011 and a couple in December of 2010.  Have you checked out my giveaway? Go here  to check it out, and don't be selfish, invite your friends!
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