Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pastel Spring Wreath

I love this time of year, I love Easter and I love all the bright colors that come with spring. I was shopping my local Target and found this adorable yarn wreath. 
I forgot to take a picture of the wreath by itself, with just the yarn. I knew I had to have it when I saw it. It was $12.00 and I could have made one myself but I knew I would spend that much buying all of the different yarns so I purchased it. 
It was a smaller wreath than I usually use so I decided to cut some burlap strips to add to the back. I hot glued them and made small pleats to give it a little fullness. 
Do you know the trick to cutting burlap straight? Simply pull a string all the way across where you want to cut and it will give you a nice straight line to cut. 
I made some flowers out of satin fabric. I used about 10 layers to get a really full flower and before I burn the edges I cut little slits in the circle. It makes them curl up and be more 3 dimensional. 
Here's another trick I always use a glue stick to hold down anything that has hot glue. I won't burn my fingers and the glue stick doesn't stick to the fabric. 
I love all the texture to this wreath, the yarn, the burlap and then the contrast with the satin fabric flowers. 

I just had the outside of the house painted so everything looks so nice and clean. I'm not sure I will get any other decorations up for spring this year but that's ok this brightens up the entrance and makes me happy.


Jane said...

Hi Laura,
Your spring wreath is so fresh and pretty!! Love all of the color in it.
I'm glad you are finding a new passion in mixed media art because girl, you are good!!! The pics you showed are amazing. You definitely need to keep doing this.
If I find my way down to Texas I would LOVE to get together. I have two sisters in the Dallas area so I occasionally make a trip down there. Hitting some good fleas would be icing on the cake!!
Take care,

Marcy Harris said...

I love your wreath. Great addition with the flowers. I saw this at Target too, but I fell in love with the matching yarn wrapped baskets. I can't find a picture of them anywhere, do you know the brand name on the wreath you bought please?

Tina at Online PhD Programs said...

The wreath is the cutest wreath I have ever seen since last year. That’s so creative and resourceful of you! Great job you’ve got there! You deserve a compliment for this perfect art work. I can’t wait to see your new wreath next month. What’s the motif for next month?

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Anonymous said...

Sweet wreath, you would have fit in well at the Vintage Bazaar last weekend, they would have love it....thanks for the visit. Look forward to meeting you....xox

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Jan Gartlan said...


Trish said...

Thanks so much for the tips!

razmag said...

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Teresa said...

It's a cool way to use burlap.

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