Friday, February 25, 2011

Preparing for Spring

So I mentioned the weather has been warming up here and getting me in the mood for spring. It's still a little early but I'm not waiting on it! But first I have to show you this little thingamajiggy.
I have no idea what it's called, BUT I knew I wanted it the minute I saw it. I had actually been looking for one. I found this while on vacation in Florida. I had seen one while at a prayer walk. They had it holding a wooden ball that had a light inside of it. It left a beautiful pattern on the wall. Now I just have to find the ball!
Then recently I was at Goodwill and they had the grande one! I was so shocked that I could find this. I think I will be putting a planter in it when it gets a bit warmer.
This is the small one. I have a plan for it too!
Perfect for holding a little nest. And I have a perfect place for the little nest.
This is my shelf on my front porch.I change up the decor several times a year.

This is my "getting ready for spring" look. That redish pillar that is under the log cabin bird house was a Goodwill find. I have no idea what it is but it is great for all kinds of things.

Look at the patina on this watering can. Can't paint something to look like this.
Soon it will be time to plant.

Ooh la la! rust!
These gloves are so sweet. They belonged to my son who is about to turn 20. I remember when he was a little guy and whenever dad was out in the backyard working he had to get his gloves on and help dad.

And my sweet little girl statue, my mom gave her to me a long time ago. So today I saw my first daffodils and that means spring is getting closer! I can't wait.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Waiting on Spring!

We are feeling a little springy here with really warm weather although I am sure winter hasn't completely left us. But maybe the plants know something I don't know.
And the windows were open today and this little guy was singing a song.
See him peaking out from the branch looking at me.
Well with these signs and warm weather I decided it was time to do a little pre-spring decorating. I'm not ready to get all my stuff out but just do a light version of spring.

Some greenery I pulled together and put it in a little box that I  purchased at Goodwill for 2.00.
Just a little bit of spring for the entry.
 I love these colors and textures together.
Again with my birds that I love, sitting on a Spring book by Mary Engelbreit.
But then when I took the pictures I thought something didn't look quite right.
My little lantern I got for 8.00 from Pier One.
Much better! So for now, this will hold me over until I can get all of my spring decor up. How about you, are you getting the fever too? It won't be long until this...
Looks like this again!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pillow party!

So Stitched in Color  is having a "Pillow Party" and I couldn't miss the fun so I am entering the pillows for my niece's new house. You should go and check out all the cool pillows.
My favorite is the ruffled pillow. Can you get enough of ruffles this year, they are everywhere!!!
This was so simple to make, just time consuming. It is made from a muslin that had alot of specs in it, looks unbleached. The fabric was a very nice find at a garage sale.
This one is made out of the same fabric but the flower is made...
from a tweed suit coat from Goodwill.
I need to do a tutorial on this one, but it's 8 circles folded in half and stuck on top of each other with a black covered button. Very simple. So go and check out the pillow party and come and tell me your favorite pillow.

Blogger's Pillow Party

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's good to share!

Well my friends, get ready to swoon.....

I wish I could say I made this... I wish I could say I am curled up under it this very minute but it just isn't so! However, I am doing my best to win it and so can you. Go to Mariondee- designs and leave a comment and it can be yours!

Just call me "The Bag Lady!"

So I have shown you many different bags that I have made or dolled up but truly none of those are really the 'perfect bag" and by that I mean just the right size with the right amount of pockets and handle that is just the right length. Browsing at the quilt shop gave me the idea of how to solve that problem. Now I am NOT a quilter and I am NOT a great seamstress but I can use a machine and sew a somewhat straight line.
I just looovvveeee batik fabrics
Don't look to closely because all the seams don't match up perfectly but that is ok by me.
I added some circles to the squares and did some fancy stitching.
Tic tac toe anyone?
I'll let you in on a little secret. If you make a plan to NOT sew straight lines then you don't have any mistakes.

The inside is lined with a light fabric so it's easier to find things in it, pockets contrast so you can find them easily as well
Another tip. Take this plastic stuff (you find it at the craft store) and cut a piece to fit in the bottom of your bag to keep it shaped nicely with a flat bottom.
Cover the plastic with fabric and put in the bottom of your bag.
And there you have it... better than a Vera Bradley, because it is custom made for my needs!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chocolate goodness!

Hey guys!

I am hanging out over at Mama Says Sew. Go check her out and see how to make the easiest Chocolate Peanut Clusters. Something sweet for your sweetie!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Before & After Mirror!

Hey guys tonight Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick is hosting a before and after and I thought it would be fun to join in on the fun.  I mentioned to you all that my niece has built as house and  the day is finally here and she has moved in! Yipee, lucky girl, beautiful home!   I spent the last couple of days at her home trying to get it decorated.  We have alot more to do and I will show you the what it looks like when we are all done but until then I am going to tease you with bits and pieces.

 I showed you this mirror awhile ago. I purchased it at Goodwill for 20.00.  It is huge, heavy and I LOVE the detail in it. Of course it needs a remake, this looks too messy to me.

A little closer look.  This is an ok finish, just not what we needed.  Maybe a little more class, richness.

Here it is sprayed with ORB.  For those that don't know ORB is greatness in a can, stands for Oil Rubbed Bronze.  It is really pretty, dark brown with the tiniest bit of sparkle but sometimes it needs a little umph!

So maybe a little silver rub will do the trick.

Ahh, look at the detail and the rub really pulls it out.  I  am not sure the picture does it justice, but this turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!

 This is the stuff we used, but not this color. We used the silver.  This stuff can be bought at Hob Lob.  It's only 3.00 and it amazing!!! You need to get some if you don't have it, it really transform most anything!

And look at this faucet!  Isn't it just gorgeous!!! And the frame coordinated really well with it.
 This is just over the toilet.

Just one more look!  Perfect!  When can you pick up a 20.00 mirror for your bathroom??? I can't wait to show you some more. Keep checking back for new projects!
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