Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jewlery Art!

So I have this addiction, ok I have more than one, but the one I am willing to share is an addiction to buying necklaces.  I love them!  I have bunches and always want more!  Here is a little proof of my problem.
 A little scary, isn't it.  This is what happens, I get home from work and take my necklace off and leave it on the bathroom counter, or I try several on in the morn and leave them all laying out.
This was my solution to storage.  I thought it was a perfect solution, hidden inside my medicine cabinet, out of the way, but at my finger tips as I get ready in the morning.  The only problem is that this worked when I had a few but then the collection grew, (not sure how : D) so when I go to take a necklace off everything falls down and then it's all tangled up!  I had to come up with a solution.
I bought this at a garage sale for 1.00.  It has foam in the frame, the lady who had it before me used it for jewelry she sold.  Originally I was going to use it as it was, but I got to wondering if that would really work. So, I came up with another solution.  The first thing I did was paint the frame with ORB (oil rubbed bronze spray paint). Then I hung it on the wall.
This is an awful picture, it was getting dark but I couldn't wait!  It looks like a face of a bear doesn't it???? Anyway I added some hooks inside the frame, pretty obvious, huh!
Here is my solution!  This is in the corner of my bedroom, no one can really see it. It's the perfect solution.  I may even hang one more for the few bracelets I have.  Isn't this chair wonderful, I bought it from a friend for 25.00! It was in a model home, not a scratch on it. This is my little reading corner, and sometimes my corner that holds my clean laundry! :) Too bad my camera broke before I could take a picture of that! lol

Toodles, Laura


Brandi said...

super cool! that is such a great idea. it amazes me that you can look at one old ratty thing and see that. and, by the way.....i don't believe that your camera broke :P

Lisa said...

too bad about your addiction--but a clever solution! I'm waiting to see what happens to that table you got.

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