Saturday, May 29, 2010

Taylor Swift!

Well not much got done this week, actually it was a terribly busy week but none of my blog projects were completed so I thought I would share a little of what I worked on this week.

My daughter is obsessed (in a good way) with Taylor Swift. She is constantly reading about her, listening to her, playing her music on the guitar or telling me something about her.  Well this week Taylor was in Houston and we had meet and greet passes so off we went.  Now what you may not realize is that there is lots of preparation for a Taylor Swift concert Rachel style. There are shirts to be made...
and signs...

and gifts and cards to say you are their greatest fan! (no pics of that) And then of course there is the 5 hour drive to Houston.  Now most people show up an hour before the concert, go in and get situated.  Not us, we show up 7 hours before the concert and flash our signs at anyone who likes like they might be part of the tour in hopes that they will give us pit passes (basically standing at Taylor's feet). This determined young lady waited ALL day long in the heat and met up with some of the band, but no passes.
Time had run out it was time to get inside and go and meet Taylor.
I think the day of heat, disappointment of NOT getting the pit passes and the anticipation of meeting  her is starting to settle in. And then the moment she has been waiting for all her life!!!! no wait for the last 8 months is finally just about to happen and she is sinking, feeling a little queezy, and emotional but she pulls all together at just the right moment and meets her idol!
Taylor seems to be a very sweet and sincere young lady.  Rachel is on cloud nine to say the least.  She visits and Taylor hugs her and tells her she fits perfectly in her embrace. Rachel melts!  We then leave the room Taylor's dad is there and we stop and talk and he hands the girls pit passes!!! Suddenly girls are jumping up and down and profusely thanking him.  The watch the show (did I mention this is their third concert) and have every move and song memorized.  It was the perfect night as they say, and I have to say even tho I am 3 times their age I have to agree!
Here are a couple of other photos of the concert.
This is so cool, looks like everything is on fire but it's just screens. Taylor is really a wonderful entertainer!
I could not stop starring at these shoes!  This is Kelly Pickler, I love those shoes!!! I think she fell off of them a few weeks ago and sprained her ankle, I can understand why!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you received major Mom points for taking Rachel to this concert! Call me new to the kitchen, but I never knew you could freeze peaches! Thanks for the great tutorial. Now I can have peach turnovers all year. (Pastry puff sheets are one of my best friends)

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