Friday, May 14, 2010

Isn't She Lovely!

So the other day I showed you a statue I bought at Goodwill for 10.00, (which is alot when it comes to Goodwill finds. However she was unusual and about 15 inches tall.  I felt like she was worth every penny.
Well all I did was spray paint her.  I forgot the color and I left the can at my sister's house but it was one of those hammered metal spray paints. We will use this in my niece's house when we start decorating. I wish they had had 2 I would love to have one! She looks like a real bronze sculpture.

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Lisa said...

Hi Laura. I found your blog via Stories of A to Z. Your crafting reminds me of my own crafting. I will try anything once as well! I will be back to see what you do with all your thrifted goodies. I'm a fellow Texan. Drop by my blog sometime and say 'hi'.

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