Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's time to grow!

Hey guys! I kinda left ya'll hanging with that last project, totally my lack of memory. I wrote the post in my head but realized I never actually posted it on my blog! Does anyone else ever do that, I do it with thank you notes too! :D
So I told you on the last post that I would show you my shelf that you see when you come up to my porch. Last summer I did a beach vignette, this summer I am not going to the beach so I wanted to try something else.
I made these out of large veggie cans and mod podged labels on them.  I decided to do the whole shelf with a garden/planting theme.
You want to take a closer look?
This lamp is from Ikea. I actually bought it for the bathroom, part of an update I plan to do later this year. And that little pink rock, I spray painted a rock and used my Silhouette, Ms Sassy Pants, to add the letters. Isn't it cute?
This little plaque I made really started the whole idea. I was really craving these colors. Do you crave colors??? I do, am I weird? I kept seeing these colors in my head and since I can't really use them in my house I thought hey I can use them on the porch and they remind me of gardening and so an idea was born.
Can you tell? It says bloom. Now here is the sad part. I was so excited to get all of this together to show you, I neglected to put a sealer on this. It's just mod podge papers. We had a horrible storm that night that blew everything and broke limbs off of trees. Well it blew my little sign down and ruined it! :(

More of that fun splatter paint is on the watering can, found at Target for 1.00!
Love these words, bloom, grow, thrive, flourish, happy words.
And there they are, the bottom shelf. Thank goodness the storm didn't blow them over.
And next to the shelf another little vignette. A little bunny enjoying a snack.
And here is my chair this year. I had to redo the plant part. Take a look here at how it looked last year. I went with a whole different plant this year and I think it will be much more showy. I'll share again when the plants grow a little. Anyway, so what have you been growing? Oh wait, I forgot to show you this little guy...
Isn't he just adorable? I am seriously in love with yellow right now, wondering if it's just a phase or if it will stick around.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vintage Planters

I love vintage seed packets and if you look on the internet you can find all kinds of them. The Graphics Fairy is great resource. I actually was inspired by these tins I saw at Hobby Lobby and then later saw them in a catalog for waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too much money.
Aren't they cute??? Say 100.00 cute???? Nah!
So I have access to a bunch of these No 10 cans...
And I thought well I oughta.....
I don't know about you guys but I have been finding some great deals on spray paints lately. These spray paints were all on clearance for a buck, yep a mere buck! I love the texture of them.
This one is a marigold color...
And this one is really nice, red and white, lots of cool ideas came to mind with this one.
And this one would be great for Halloween, orange, purple and green, great combo, BUT having said all of that when I saw them I thought veggies and I thought my seed packet lables and so I quickly put them in my cart. I didn't actually plant my plants in these but you could. If you do I recommend drilling holes in the bottom of the cans. I think these could look really cool painted in bright colors and hung on a fence with flowers planted in them. But these will go on my shelf that you see when you come to my front door. I have shown you it before, this is what it looked like last summer.
It was a beach theme, but that was because I was going to the beach in October and that was my way of keeping me content until then, this year, no beach so I decided to come up with something else. I'm almost done, and when I am I will reveal the whole thing!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cabinet transformation!

I have really been slacking in the blog world lately. I realized I was spending more money than I should so I could blog and buying up "stuff" when I had plenty of "stuff" that I hadn't finished soooo I took a bit of a break. I have actually been working on a couple of projects but hadn't uploaded them from my camera. And then there is summer, so much to do besides sit in front of a computer!
Recently a friend of mine was trying to unload a tv cabinet because she is moving to a new house and didn't want to take it with her. She said it was free to whoever wanted it but they had to come and pick it up, AND that it is really heavy. Free furniture... it's in my DNA to jump on free furniture and so I did. I gathered up 2 of my sons and hubby and his friend and off we went to get this cabinet. Here's the thing we don't need a tv cabinet, but anything with doors/drawers can become storage anywhere in my house and since son #3 moved out, I got some extra space if you know what I mean. So we brought this monster heavy cabinet home, she was right, it is heavy, it flattened the dolly wheels! Once it was in the house I thought it was too big for my original plan so I decided to transform it and put it in the kitchen... which meant we had to move my buffet from the kitchen to the living room which meant we had to move the dresser from the living room to the craft room, which meant we had to move the desk in the craft room to boy #3's old room, whewww, my husband LOVE'S these projects!!! Can I get an amen sisters??? Oh wait he loved this even more, let's tear apart the tv cabinet and transform it into something useful for the kitchen, yep the fun never ends here at my house! So let me show you the original, I am sure you have a picture of it in your head.
That is Mr. Handyman's foot in the pic, didn't want to scare you with the grimace on his face. To say he strongly dislikes these projects just hits the tip of the iceberg. He says to me... "you confuse me with someone who fixes things", it just ain't his thing, He is a great hard working man but, "do it yourself" stuff just isn't his strong point. I however thrive on it and usually can handle in on my own, however sometimes I need his muscle.
So here is the thing. I don't have storage in my kitchen. I have lived here 22 years and lived with it but as my family is growing, (lovely boys bringing home lovely girls) I need more stuff, more dishes and well just stuff! So this seemed to be the perfect fix. Here look at my kitchen (no I didn't stage it for you).
Can you see the wonder of all wonders here? I have 2, yes count them people, 2 drawers in this kitchen!!! Who was the $#%@ that thought that was a good plan? Let me also give a disclaimer here. This fall I plan to get a new stove and paint the cabinets white, get new counter tops and backsplash and hopefully a new farm sink and faucet, oh and microwave, just hoping! But as you can see this is it for storage and I have raised 4 kids with this kitchen! Ok, back to cabinet. So the hubby and I reworked some stuff, tore some stuff out and ended up with this.
It's unbelievable right??? My whole kitchen fits in here. I just love it!
We installed some of these little brass brackets and now I have lots of adjustable storage, love it!!!
I know what you are thinking but I have plans for the country pine cabinet I promise. I am looking at painting it Provence Blue from the chalk paint collection.It is the most delicious color! White cabinets and blue big cabinet, oh so dreamy in my head!
And I even had an opportunity to add a little pottery to the top.
Can you keep a secret? Mr I don't do "do it yourself" hubby it going to help me remove the trim on the top. I am wanting it to have some nice big thick molding, but don't want that curve. It will show my stuff better too! But all it good times ladies, can't overwhelm him at once. Patience, patience! Seed planter, that is what I am, wait and watch it grow. And as for the paint, I'll work on that later this year too. All in good time, right? The best thing... I went to Goodwill a couple days later and saw this exact same piece in horrible condition for 140.00 buckaroos, thanks Jen! And she called a couple of days later to say she had the cabinets sister, computer cabinet and the person who had said they wanted it couldn't come and get it... and did I want it??? Well duh, yeah but I simply couldn't.  It was torture ladies BUT I know my limits and I had to say no! Sorry for such a long post, just making up for not blogging for weeks I guess! :) Oh wait, you want to see where the buffet ended up.
Perfect, I love this piece of furniture. All the shifting made for several other projects which I will show you later. Thanks for listening to my rambling!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thrity finds!

I love to go garage sales and our local thrift stores. You just never know what you will find. Today I am going to share some of my favorite finds from the past.
 This is a frame I found for 1.00! It was originally a brassy gold color. I sprayed it with ORB and highlighted it with Rub-n-Buff then put a fabric mat in and framed our family initial. This is so cool because the glass in convex, bubbling out, really old and soooo cool. For the complete post you can go here.
I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. I think I paid 10.00 for her which sounds like a lot but it is such a different piece and about 15 inches tall. My sister, niece and I were thritin fools for several weeks. My niece was building a new house and we were going to need lots of stuff to fill up the space. Check out where Ms Lovely ended up here  .
Another great find for my nieces house. Again more ORB and a whole new look.
A friend of mine found this in the trash, can't get better than that. I wanted to make it "girlie" for my little niece.
This was so fun, my daughter is growing up so it was fun to make something for a little girl again.
Can you say UGLY?????  I don't know if you can see this but the previous owners glued a fabric trim on it and spray painted it! This was a Goodwill find. I think we paid 3.00 for 2 of them. But nothing that a little paint can't fix.
  A pretty fresh lampshade and some fabric flowers and a little paint and you don't even recognize the lamp! Check out the full kitchen here.
When I thrift I look for basic items that I like the size and shape of, knowing that I can always change the color. So do you have a favorite? What new items have you found?
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Love my Silhouette!

Man it's been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything. I've been really busy around here but not much I can post about yet. However today I created a couple of really quick projects I want to share. It's official I am getting old! I can't see my phone or the food lables at the store unless I have on my readers. So I decided if I am getting old I am at least going to do it in style!
I added a flourish to my eyeglass case, isn't is cute? I simply cut this out with my Silhouette. I am still learning how to work this thing. I think this is the first time I didn't yell at the machine or waste a ton of paper. I am happy to introduce you to.....
Really this machine should be called Ms Smartie Pants, it's amazing what it can do. Now that I am learning how to use some of her great features I thought she deserved a name. She actually has a new home in my Craft Room Redo Part 3. I mentioned my son moved out a few weeks ago. I have always had a craft 1/2 room now I have the WHOLE room! I'm so excited and have some great plans but you'll have to be patient until I get it all together. So what kind of unusual items have you decorated with your Silhouette?
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