Friday, October 28, 2011

Witchy Hostess Gift

So I am part of the Creepy Crawl ....
and I am late because today I dropped my camera... but no worries, it's ok, I think! So enough waiting and all the drama. Are you going to a Halloween party and need a little something to take along? How about a little witchy gift?
 Isn't she cute??? If your costume isn't the best of show maybe the bottle of spirits you bring will be! Wanna know how to make one? It's super easy and you can use scraps of stuff you have laying around the house.
Gather up some supplies. You'll need a fabric for the hat, I used felt. Some kind of fabric for the skirt, I used 2 different kinds of tulle, but ribbon or torn fabric could work too. Some ribbon for the legs about a half an inch wide and a hair rubber band. Oh and hot glue, gotta have the hot glue!
So, I took a piece of paper and rolled it up to make a cone for a pattern, then cut a piece of felt the same size, rolled it up and hot glued it. Next, I cut a couple of circles the same size and glued them to the bottom of my cone. On the underside of the hat I cut a big X out of the flat part so it would fit down over the bottle.
Then I took the tulle and cut it in strips about 10 inches long and an inch wide. I tied them all around the rubber band until it was really full. If you have made one for a little girl probably do it the same way. It doesn't have to be perfect it's going on a bottle! I also cut legs about 6 inches long and cut out some little boots and glued them onto the skirt. Put the skirt on first and then the hat and you have the coolest looking bottle at the party!
Here's the top view, isn't she stylish? Happy Halloween, ya'll be safe!
Don't forget to check out the others in the Creepy Crawl on Sunday and Monday.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween goodies!

Just thought I would share a couple Halloween things that I made for the craft show.
This wreath is the only Halloween wreath I had left so guess where it's hanging now? Yep, on my porch, creepy!
I coped this off of a blog but I cannot find who's, so if you know tell me and I will be sure to give credit where credit is due! I did make a change to the sign.
And these are left over pumpkin pillows, I had to have some too, can't sell all the cute stuff! When I posted some of these before people yelled at me and said they are not pumpkins, see the stems.....duh!
And a floral arrangement I had left, lovely and fallish for your Thanksgiving table! If you see anything here that you want to buy send me an email and I will get it in the mail to you lickety split!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Have you seen the new magazine Stitch, Craft, Create??? It is the most amazing magazine! I accidentally found it yesterday at Michael's. Once I got home I realized it was their first magazine. Every page is just amazing. Check out a few of the highlights.
I love this flower, it's on a stocking. And these fabrics are beautiful, perfect for my house! I had planned on making new ones for the family this year. This fabric is by a designer I am not familiar with. Her name is Anna Griffin, her fabrics are amazing!  They even have a store where you can order alot of these supplies that they have in the magazine. I see trouble!

Look at these trees! They are decorations for the button party, yep isn't that the cutest idea???

You have to get the issue so you can see all the amazing ideas for the button party.

These pillows are on my list too! They are made of t-shirt material.

And they have tutorial on their website for projects to make too, like this headband. I can see this with red buttons for the holidays.

And this little pin, what a cute teacher gift huh?
Anyway, they are not paying me to say any of this, but I can't get enough of this magazine. I keep rubbing my hands over the pages as if that is going to make me absorb it! Funny, with all the blog inspiration I rarely buy magazines anymore but the cover was just so enticing! So go and pick up your own copy, if you don't know what you are gonna make for Christmas you will soon! You can also follow them on FB and thier blog, they have a couple of really cute Halloween ideas. What are you waiting for... go! :)

More fall!

So I have just a little bit more fall decor to share. We are getting ready to have a big, awful, horrible job done at our house so I haven't done as much decorating at our house this year. But here is my cabinet that I (  should say we, Mr. Smartie Pants helped a bunch on this one) converted earlier this year.
 Can you see my little white owl peaking out up there, I think he is just the cutest! And that fall plate, I showed you how to make it here last year.
I picked this little tray up at Goodwill for 1.99. Loving how everyone is using crates and trays in decorating. I also picked up some Anne Sloan paint in Provence blue to paint that cabinet in... of course I haven't done it yet! But I thought hey why not do the tray for starters!
I added some of the dark wax to it. I just love it now I can't wait to get my cabinet painted!
And a peak at what's in the tray. Have you found any thrifty finds lately?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Loving my fall collection!

So a few days ago I showed you a picture that I brought in from another room of my house that reminds me of fall, well I finally got around to decorating my den. Again, it's only looking fall inside. Here in Texas, we hit 90 for the last 2 days, crazy weather, I'm so done! Come on fall!!!
This is probably my favorite room of my house, it's filled with the things I love. See my new green chairs, a great find from Target! I have fabric for pillows, BUT haven't gotten them made yet and I have plans for another coffee table, soon I hope!
 My name is Laura and I have an addiction to pumpkins, raise your hand if you have the same weakness! Come a little closer and check them out.
I love this pic, it could be a card!
 and another, just love them, especially my sweet little fairy to watch over them all!

Here is a tip to remember when decorating! This wall is huge, this large picture is the perfect scale to cover the wall and if you notice I covered the ends of the wall with a totally different type of art and a vase of sticks. This vignette is full of colors, layers, textures. It is interesting to the eye, making you want to come closer and take a look. I think those things, (color, layer, texture, etc) are key to decorating!
oh and I love acorns too!
and scarecrows! I guess I should have titled this  Loving All Things Fall! What about you, do you have a growing collection of fall decor??? I'm partying over at Savvy Southern Style & Beth's Home Stories A2Z, come check out all the great tips!

Help! I have a question.

Does anyone know of a good Blog Designer out there? I have a friend who is looking for one. I see them all the time but the names aren't coming to me right now. Would love some help if you know of anyone good!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dollar store pumpkins

I love the pumpkins at the dollar store, why because they only cost a dollar! But, also because they are the right size and you can do so much with them. Check out my topiary.
 I spray painted the black ones and added polka dots, the one in the middle I used that new spray paint made by Krylon called Glitter Blast. If you haven't used it be warned, when it says blast that is exactly what it does!

And this one is for fall, brown and orange pumpkins were glittered with the Glitter Blast. These have a wooden dowel going all the way thru them, super simple and so fun!
And this one has a fish net hose on it with some black leaves and a little orange sparkle fabric from Walmart. Has anyone noticed that Walmart has fabric again! I'm lovin that! That's it, run to your local Dollar store and pick up some pumpkins and get your craft on!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Creatin my own fall!

So many of you have been playing the fall game for weeks now, here in Texas not so much! Last week we got up to 99 one day, crazy, silly weather! Anyway I give up, my house is going to look like fall even tho it doesn't quite look or feel like it outside. Soooo I have this picture that I bought awhile ago. One of those pics you fall in love with the minute you see it. The first time I saw it the price was 100.00, marked down from 350.00. Even tho that was a deal, didn't have 100.00 for a pic that day. Imagine weeks later when I saw it marked down to 25.00, that I have! So I quickly threw that puppy in my cart and brought her home with me, only trouble is...
She had been beat up a bit, but that doesn't stop me!
A little paint to the rescue and she will be good as new!
Yea, fall trees! Can a picture really make me this happy??? uh yea! This is the 1st layer of my fall decor, check back for part duex soon! Oh and do you see any flaws in the frame?
Nope they blend right in! Magic huh????

Monday, October 3, 2011

Updated Den

So this past weekend I went back to my sister's house. She has been doing a little updating in her den and her kitchen . Take a look at what we have done so far, but first look at this view! If I had this to look at, I wouldn't even care what the inside of the house looks like.

I'm going to warn you, this is a long post, with lots of pictures! I can't help myself, it's my sanctuary, and anytime I can escape and go here, I go! Ok, back to the inside, patience!
I know, doesn't look much like a sanctuary, looks like work huh??? This is what it starts out looking like when we begin, hard to NOT improve... huh? This is her den and she gathered anything that she had that we could use. Now some of this is old stuff, remember everything can look new with some spray paint! Some of it rejects from my niece's house that we decorated here  and here. (Actually, if you want to see all of her house, look thru January 2011 in my archives and you can see all of it.) Anyway, some of this is new. We shop for months before a makeover collecting possibilities, usually more than we need and then return what we don't want. This is "the key" to redecorating if you ask me!
Here is a great example of new life given by spray paint. I purchased this at a garage sale for 7.00. And after we spruced it up, here she is!
Much better, huh? We added a little brown glaze over the paint. I love how it turned out. This lamp is HEAVY, where can you buy a lamp like that for under 10.00? Oh and the lamp shade, Goodwill!
Here it is before we added the glaze, we painted a little pitcher that we found from Goodwill too.
She has this massive stone fireplace that is just to die for and it has 2 big openings on either side. This is the old stuff coming down, some we reused, some not.
The screen made a return, of course I did not take a pic of the before, but it was brown. As we were redoing all of this, we questioned our original ideas... what were we thinking, everything is so dark and brown! The blue is gorgeous, here is a little closer look.
A little paint, and sand paper and you have an old aged screen, looks like it's been around for 100 years.
Here is the other side, an old rusty birdcage brought to life with a little Mediterranean blue spray paint. There is a little birdie peeking up out of that greenery, he's too small, but I bought another one after this picture was taken.
 Here's the mantel. We made an old barn door out of pallet wood to put this clock on because the size of the clock wasn't large enough. It's so much more grand now!
Here is that whole wall pulled together, just love this room and I might add to the left of this is a wall of windows and french doors that overlooks that beautiful view!
A closer shot of the clock. See those branches... we went outside to find them and noticed something funny as we were looking around.
This tree has a crack in it! It was really windy that day and the tree was blowing open, freaky, scary, right! So this halted ALL decorating projects for a couple of hours. We waited and watched, thinking it was gonna fall anytime, and people her house is right there!
Yep this is what we were doing, watching the tree! It's a dogs life, right???
A cute picture of my waiting partner, she is telling me she's 3!
And then out of no where comes my brother in law to handle the situation! Boys and their toys, they live for these moments, right???
You all are gonna have to pardon me, I'm a city girl, I don't see this kind of stuff all the time. It was fascinating to me! Sad to see this big old tree gone. You'll notice the leaves are green so it appeared to be fine, but the inside was totally hollow.
No telling what all has made a home in there. Oh speaking of home, you want to see the inside I am sure. Thanks for appeasing me!
My sister has a few of these old sewing machines, we took some old boards, painted them up and added them to the top as a little side table.
We put spray adhesive on a doily and glued it to a clear vase and added a candle. The tray is from Goodwill but we added a little Rub n Buff in the patina color to give it a little detail. This looks so pretty when it's lit, the doily just glows.
This is some iron work she has had for years, it sits above the french doors. It's several different pieces she put together.
You may have noticed the rug. I spotted this over a year ago, she fell in love with it. It has been the inspiration for us as we have built the room. I love it too, and I am going to get it soon!
So, that is all for now, that's more than enough, right! We kinda did this redo backwards. She is buying new furniture and making new curtains. But we haven't been able to find the furniture yet and I just found the curtain fabric, so once it's all done. I'll show you a pic of the entire room! It really is so pretty! Thanks for hanging with me thru this mega long post!
 Seriously, these guys have got it down right, chillin and takin in the view!
Ahhh, a little piece of paradise!
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