Monday, December 19, 2011

More Christmas Decor

Are you ready? I'm still not, but the last couple of days I got lots done, and I am in much better shape, and I gotta say feeling a little jolly( and no it's got nothing to do with the fudge I made)! I don't know what the delay was for me this year but I just couldn't get my mind into it. But it's there now, take a look  at a few more "moments" ugh, the new catch phrase on HGTV now! Really I love you David (Colorsplash) but expand your vocab!

This is a little tray I have on my kitchen table, love the hard piney cones with the soft real cotton and berries.
 Another little spot in the kitchen. I made this little snowman frame last year out of old jewelry and buttons, mounted on burlap with a Goodwill frame.
Isn't he cute, I just love him!
And a little spot in the kitchen window.
And across from the kitchen is our living room.
I added this wreath I made last year to my home made art.
I was so excited to get this wreath back out, I just love it!
I am a traditional red, green and white girl, although the pink, purple and bright green mixed in with the traditional colors this year was really pretty.
I love the rustic look of the angles, I love them so much they are out year around!
And this arrangement that I put together a couple of years ago, another thing I can't wait to get out.
And NOEL found a whole new location this year since I moved some furniture around earlier in the  year.
So the decorating is done, almost all the presents are purchased and some wrapped, some baking done, now I have to figure out the Christmas day menu and go shopping. This time next week it will all be behind us!
We play fun family games on Christmas day. Does anyone have any suggestions for fun/funny games to play as a family, all of us are adults, so something for older peeps.

I'm partying at Savvy Southern Style come check me out!


Petticoat Junktion said...

I love the snowman in the frame that you made last year. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impact.

Finding Home said...

Love the snowman and the wreath!

Tanya@takesix said...

Laura, your decorating is beautiful. I'm going to pin that sweet little snowman in the frame. My family gathers on the Labor Day weekend, and we girls always do a craft. Next year...that is the craft!! LOVE it! So glad you found us @ Take Six!! Merry CHRISTmas!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful decor, Love it; but i respectfully disagree with the "it will be all gone." I choose to celebrate traditional Christmas beginning Christmas Eve and as far toward Epiphany as possible. It allows me to be relaxed and peaceful when the hectic shopping/preparation season is finished, which actually is "Advent" and not Christmas.

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Everything looks fabulous!! How did you get those "NOEL" letters to be red?

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