Saturday, July 31, 2010

To the Beach!

I have been really busy so I haven't had any time to create and blog and I miss it.  Last year I had the opportunity to go 3 different areas in the US and 3 different beaches.  I used to live on Kodiak island in Alaska and grew to love the ocean.  Now I live hours from an ocean.  Visiting so many last year has made me long for the coast.  I'm going to Florida in October, but until then I thought I would do a little decorating to hold me over until then. I was inspired by a boardwalk.  When I went to Florida I walked down this long warm, sandy boardwalk and I knew I wanted something with that feel for my art piece.  I went to Lowe's and purchased a 3' x 4' beadboard.  They come precut and cost about $10.00. 
Notice it has a little lip on it, so that you can panel a wall with them.  I didn't need that so my sweet hubby cut it off while I took the picture.
To be sure that the board wouldn't warp I cut simple strips of wood and nailed them to the back. No one is going to see this part so it doesn't have to be perfect.
Then I whitewashed the entire board and came up with a beachy saying I wanted to use.  I measured, (not my thing!) and stenciled on the words.
Here comes the hard part.... am I happy with this just like it is? Hmmm, not sure.  I visioned an old boardwalk and this doesn't look old, so I decide to put a brown wash on it. I didn't take a picture of it like that but I lived with it for about 2 weeks and decided that I was not happy with it still.  So I took it back off of the wall and sanded it and whitewashed it again.
Here is the final product.  I think I am happy with it.  It looks like a real old boardwalk and that is what I wanted.  It looks great with my other beachy decor.
Here is a closeup.  Sorry about the lighting, I can't figure out how to fix that.
I love this little house.  It's a paper mache' house I bought at Hob Lob and painted it white and green.It reminds me of all the pretty pastel houses on the beach.
I glued crushed seashells that I bought at Michael's (I think) to the roof.  I just love this little house but I think I need to put an address or something else on the front. Any ideas?
Look at these little seashell balls.  I LOVE them. I have had them forever and love that I can use them on this table.The little bottle with the jute on it, heaven!  Clearance!!!
Here is the other side of the table. That large vase I bought several years ago. It was the beginning inspiration for this room when I decided to redo it.  I love it on this table because it looks like fossils. There is a tiny little jar of seaglass.  That is glass from Kodiak.  As a teenager I remember seeing it on my best friends kitchen  window seal.  When I went back for my reunion a few years ago her mom gave it to me.  It sits on my window now. I love that I can use it on my beachy table.
Isn't this cool, I just love it!
Looking at this makes me smile and makes October not seem so far away.  How about you are you going to the beach this year?


Nana's Fun Stuff said...

It looks great Laura! You're right, it does look like an older boardwalk :) Great job! Fits perfect with your beach decor. Love it!

Laurie-Jean@WilloughbyWhimsy said...

Love the project and the new look of the blog!:)

Laura @ Ms Smartie Pants said...

Thanks Laurie, the new blog was not my plan. My old pic disappeared and I can't figure out how to get it back and don't have much time to play with it right now. I want to get my old one back soon.

Jen @ said...

How cute!! I love every single thing about your display! And that sign is so amazing -- LOVE it!


Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

Oooh, I LOVE that beach access sign and your gorgeous beachy display!! beautiful!

Green Willow Pond said...

Your beach access sign is great! My inlaws have a cottage that the whole family uses. I wish I could decorate it, but that's not for me to do. This would be perfect there.

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