Friday, August 20, 2010

Free stuff is the best stuff!

So finally I am back to blogging. I have really missed seeing what you all are up to.  I work at a church with children and let's just say my summers are crazy busy! The kiddos go back to school on Monday soooo I see a little free time in my future!  Time for bloggin, I'm thinking.

Anywho, I got lucky and got this beautiful piece of furniture FREE!  It was left over from our rummage sale at church.  I had been looking for something new to go into my entry and this was the perfect piece.
It's in pretty bad shape huh?? You should have seen it before I started sanding it. (Yes I forgot to take a pic.) See the keyholes?  It even came with the keys.  It also came with a thingy (not sure what to call it) that held a mirror at one time.  I took it off, could be a future project.  Ok, so I sanded, and sanded and sanded... and then I thought what are you going to do with this thing.  I really wanted to paint it black but it just didn't seem like that was the right thing to do for where I was putting it.  I really want to move this piece into another bedroom one day so I wanted a quick fix for now.  I decided having a little color in the entry would be nice.  I say entry, I should clarify, it is where you enter my house, but there isn't really room for anything, but I am kinda stubborn that way and wanted an actual ENTRY, and of course a place to put some more STUFF!
See it's a little hard to get the picture because there really isn't an entry. As I was painting I started to remember these adorable little knobs at HobLob and so I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the chest. I painted it this lovely blue and went over the bottom with some walnut stain I had.  Then of course I had to get out the chochkies. You see that closet just beyond the chest?  That is the official chochkies closet.  Filled with stuff I trade out with all the time, just there at my fingertips.  (Don't tell the hubby tho!) Ok, so let's get a closer look at these things.
You may remember this frame I made.  I got this at the rummage sale for 1.00 I think and redid it.  It is beautiful, and one of my all time fav finds.  Those who have seen it say it is so much prettier in person.  I just love it.  Let me explain this entry a little better, it is a pass thru to our den, but I don't want everyone to see the den as soon as they walk in so we have installed these doors.  Once I put this chest up I felt like we needed some art work hanging, this was the perfect solution!
Check out this knob, isn't is so cute??? It was the perfect match, they make me smile! Am I strange to get excited about a knob???
Look at these sweet birds. I bought one in the spring and decided I needed the other one but when I went back, there weren't any.  Months later I went to Florida and there it was!  Happiness!!!

Check out this cloche.  Isn't is amazing???? I found this at Goodwill for 6.00, yep you heard me right, what a steal!!! I don't know if you can tell in the picture but it is about 18 inches tall.  I went to a Goodwill sale, not at my usual Goodwill.  I have never seen anything like this sale.  I think we had 4 or 5 carts between my sister and I .  People were lined up at the back waiting for more merchandise to come out.  It was craziness! So I am in love with my new chest in my entry and can't wait for fall when I can decorate it all over again!!! Speaking of fall, I have already bought 3 new things for decorating!  Do they have a 12 step program for that? My name is Laura and I am addicted to fall decorations! There I said it!!! Does anyone need to join me?

~toodles~ Laura


Christina said...

It all came together beautifully. You did a great job!

Country Mouse said...

What a beautiful transformation!!! I love the color and thanks for sharing pictures of your "pretties"! :)

Sarah said...

I definitely need to join you! I have been plotting the return of the fall decor for about a week now!

Your dresser looks great! There are two similar to it at our church yard sale that I'm hoping to take home if they're not sold!

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Tonya said...

Awesome as usuall. I love the way this came out. The glass dome from Goodwill is so pretty. I am on the look out for a couple more taller ones like that. I found a smaller one this past week. Great Job!!!!

kathie said...

It really is almost an identical piece to the one I just did! So funny that they are flip~flopped :) I love the blue, and of course love the stain. I keep waiting for a product to come onto the market that makes stripping furniture easier, since I love a fresh refinish... we might be waiting a while! Love your piece!

Sue said...



Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

What a great piece - lucky girl!

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