Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Valentine Decor- Rerun

According to my stats, it looks like alot of you are looking for some projects for Valentine's decorating right now. My Valentine wreath has been my most viewed post for the last couple of weeks (thank you for that!). I am not planning on putting my stuff out for a couple more weeks, but I thought I would show you some more reruns so if you are inspired you can get busy creating!
I purchased this cute little frame at the Goodwill. As soon as I saw it I had an idea of just what I wanted to do with it. Do you have items that you are drawn to at the Goodiwll? I do, frames are one of them. This little gem cost me  99 cents, how you gonna walk away from such cuteness for that price I ask you???? So I gave it a good coat of  Krylon X Metal Red spray paint.
Then I took some of the leftover wool that I had from this project.
And this old sweater... I love the color of but it always sheds and gets awful little fuzzies in my eyes. I couldn't throw it away, I thought it would be perfect for a project. I cut 3 hearts in 3 different sizes out of these fabrics.
I cut 3 small circles a little smaller than a dime. Then I took a needle and thread that had been knotted. I pulled it thru the circle.  I couldn't take pics of this but I folded the circle in half, with the knot inside and I folded it in half again which made a little bud. I took the needle and thread and whipped a few stitches thru the small end, kinda at the point. It forms these sweet little buds.
I glued all 3 of those buds to the center of this heart. I also stitched around the white heart, then glued everything together and popped it into the frame. I love with a whole project is created from thrifting!

Today I put together one little vignette just inside the entry of my house.

Love potion! I found this label on google images, just typed in "love potion label" and there she was. I printed it off and spray adhesived it onto a .99 cent bottle from the Goodwill. I had these darling little beads so I strung them up and put them around the neck of the bottle. It's full of some kind of fruit drink I had laying around the house. If you do this put the drink in BEFORE you put the label on, as to not spill on said label. It kinda aged it out so I am fine with it, no worries.
 I also got this little pitcher from Goodwill and made a lollipop bouquet. Ummm, I love this time of year when you can get a whole bag of pink and red tootsie pops!
 Precious Mattie, I loved his sweet little soul.This is better than a plate full of fake chocolates.

Here is one other vignette I set up, this is like the mantle at my house, always changing. I love it tho, I feel if I just change up this one spot the whole house is festive!
One last project I made.
Candlestick from Goodwill for .99. Love that store! Spray painted is with the same red Metal X Krylon spray paint. ( I looked for this paint this year at Christmas and didn't find it, if anyone sees some let me know.)

Then I took these necklaces I purchased at CVS for a dollar. I cut them all apart. I only used the red for this project. I hot glued them onto a basic 3x6 white candle. Next I dipped them in a crock pot of melted wax.
This is just plain parafin wax but I didn't think it was deep enough so I added an old white candle I had.
I dipped mine twice but you be the judge if you do this. Sometimes once is enough. These make perfect teachers gifts! I have done this for years but I used to make them with Spree candies. They came in packages with red and white candies. I can't find them anymore except in their regular colors which are cute too, but not what I was looking for. I've made them with ALL kinds of items added.
This is probably my favorite! But I have added dried apples, oranges, ground coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, dried flowers, I mean anything you can think of.
Isn't it sweet? They look like gummies.
Oh and the pink beads, can't let those go to waste.
I added them to my Valentine tree.
So this is how this table looks now. If you want to see more about the tree go here. And pardon these pictures this is with my old camera, they look awful! I hope you inspired to spread some love and pretty up your home for those you love!
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Myfriendscallmesuzy said...

It looks great! I love the flower shop print on the wall!

Stacey said...

I love it all...especially the candle!!! I am working on making your Valentine wreath...had to buy red felt since I didn't have an extra red wool coat around....hope I got enough! I haven't been able to get it out of my mind since I saw it last year;)

Michelle Paige said...

This post is loaded with so many great Valentine ideas! Would you be willing to link up to my Valentine Link Party going on now? I'd love to have you! Thanks!

Sew and Dipity said...

Great Valentine idea's! I love the little heart tree :)

Michelle Paige said...

Thanks so much for linking up! I love the Valentine tree and wall hanging!

Michelle Paige said...

I featured your felt heart in the frame today. Thanks for the inspiration.

jtbmetaldesigns said...

I really appreciate your use of Kylon X-metals in your crafting. The finish has so much depth. I just added a discussion about decanting X-metals and Metalcast paints into small glass jars so I may thoroughly mix them and airbrush them on my metal art. You can see the Squidoo lens @ . Also keep on eye on my shop at

Da Cherrie said...

Nicee share

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