Friday, June 17, 2011

Cabinet transformation!

I have really been slacking in the blog world lately. I realized I was spending more money than I should so I could blog and buying up "stuff" when I had plenty of "stuff" that I hadn't finished soooo I took a bit of a break. I have actually been working on a couple of projects but hadn't uploaded them from my camera. And then there is summer, so much to do besides sit in front of a computer!
Recently a friend of mine was trying to unload a tv cabinet because she is moving to a new house and didn't want to take it with her. She said it was free to whoever wanted it but they had to come and pick it up, AND that it is really heavy. Free furniture... it's in my DNA to jump on free furniture and so I did. I gathered up 2 of my sons and hubby and his friend and off we went to get this cabinet. Here's the thing we don't need a tv cabinet, but anything with doors/drawers can become storage anywhere in my house and since son #3 moved out, I got some extra space if you know what I mean. So we brought this monster heavy cabinet home, she was right, it is heavy, it flattened the dolly wheels! Once it was in the house I thought it was too big for my original plan so I decided to transform it and put it in the kitchen... which meant we had to move my buffet from the kitchen to the living room which meant we had to move the dresser from the living room to the craft room, which meant we had to move the desk in the craft room to boy #3's old room, whewww, my husband LOVE'S these projects!!! Can I get an amen sisters??? Oh wait he loved this even more, let's tear apart the tv cabinet and transform it into something useful for the kitchen, yep the fun never ends here at my house! So let me show you the original, I am sure you have a picture of it in your head.
That is Mr. Handyman's foot in the pic, didn't want to scare you with the grimace on his face. To say he strongly dislikes these projects just hits the tip of the iceberg. He says to me... "you confuse me with someone who fixes things", it just ain't his thing, He is a great hard working man but, "do it yourself" stuff just isn't his strong point. I however thrive on it and usually can handle in on my own, however sometimes I need his muscle.
So here is the thing. I don't have storage in my kitchen. I have lived here 22 years and lived with it but as my family is growing, (lovely boys bringing home lovely girls) I need more stuff, more dishes and well just stuff! So this seemed to be the perfect fix. Here look at my kitchen (no I didn't stage it for you).
Can you see the wonder of all wonders here? I have 2, yes count them people, 2 drawers in this kitchen!!! Who was the $#%@ that thought that was a good plan? Let me also give a disclaimer here. This fall I plan to get a new stove and paint the cabinets white, get new counter tops and backsplash and hopefully a new farm sink and faucet, oh and microwave, just hoping! But as you can see this is it for storage and I have raised 4 kids with this kitchen! Ok, back to cabinet. So the hubby and I reworked some stuff, tore some stuff out and ended up with this.
It's unbelievable right??? My whole kitchen fits in here. I just love it!
We installed some of these little brass brackets and now I have lots of adjustable storage, love it!!!
I know what you are thinking but I have plans for the country pine cabinet I promise. I am looking at painting it Provence Blue from the chalk paint collection.It is the most delicious color! White cabinets and blue big cabinet, oh so dreamy in my head!
And I even had an opportunity to add a little pottery to the top.
Can you keep a secret? Mr I don't do "do it yourself" hubby it going to help me remove the trim on the top. I am wanting it to have some nice big thick molding, but don't want that curve. It will show my stuff better too! But all it good times ladies, can't overwhelm him at once. Patience, patience! Seed planter, that is what I am, wait and watch it grow. And as for the paint, I'll work on that later this year too. All in good time, right? The best thing... I went to Goodwill a couple days later and saw this exact same piece in horrible condition for 140.00 buckaroos, thanks Jen! And she called a couple of days later to say she had the cabinets sister, computer cabinet and the person who had said they wanted it couldn't come and get it... and did I want it??? Well duh, yeah but I simply couldn't.  It was torture ladies BUT I know my limits and I had to say no! Sorry for such a long post, just making up for not blogging for weeks I guess! :) Oh wait, you want to see where the buffet ended up.
Perfect, I love this piece of furniture. All the shifting made for several other projects which I will show you later. Thanks for listening to my rambling!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Laura, the piece is stunning and you did such a fabulous job of redoing it to hold all the kitchen things. It will be stunning when you paint it and the kitchen is all white. I love it. I think the Mr. did a fabulous job. You are very clever and all the shifting of furniture paid off.

You asked about cleaning silver. I swear by TarnX. You can buy it just about any grocery store and it doesn't take any rubbing. Just wipe it on and the tarnish disappears. That's my kind of cleaner. Hugs, Marty

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

No need to apologize for LIVING. Good for you for keeping priorities where they belong (why spend money to give people you don't know something to read?).

Kudos for saying no to that second piece. Anytime I've had to turn down free furniture it KILLS ME ;) That cabinet is genius. Two drawers......must've been a man house designer.

Ruth said...

Love this idea. Cutting the top will be great, too. My hubby doesn't like DIY projects either.

Love the last pic. Can't wait to see more.


Just Jaime said...

Great idea

Carolyn said...

Well done. We throw out far too much stuff, and we should be recycling more. Good to see a new lease of life for the cupboard. Looks really good.

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