Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beautiful Bathroom

Well I mentioned to you that I have been helping my niece, we'll call her Macy's momma with her new beauuuttifulll home! I have so much to show you and not sure where I will start but I think I'll start with what is turning out to be my favorite room... the master bath! Something about this room is so warm and just ooozes with decadence and pampering. This first photo is like one of the before and after pics where someone is frumpy and frowning, which makes the after picture look like so much more, but this was before the electricity was turned on in the house.
Check it out now!
Isn't that just magical???? Can we get some chandy love???
Here it is as you enter. Love the grey walls!
And the other side, this room is huge! These mirrors were such a find at Big Lots for 30.00 each! What a deal huh???
Isn't she so sweet, Goodwill find! We painted her and glued her to a pot to make her taller. The expression on her face is so sweet!
A closer look at the chandy, she loves chandeliers and thankfully her hubby is ok with them being all over the house.
Now hear is what I am talking about, isn't that divine, tv from the tub!
although I think I could be happy just starring at the shadows from the chandy!
Look at this frame, we didn't want the gold but she loved the pic. That is easily fixed, don't let that keep you from buying something you really like we used the old faithful rub-n-buff, a 3.00 fix!

 It really turned out great!
Another example, UGLY, not with spray paint, it can make anything pretty! This holds her soaps in the corner of the tub after being painted with silver hammered paint.

Ok get ready for this shower...

Oh no 2 shower heads are not enough!
This space has to be like an 6x8 shower.
Love this floor.

 Oh and another Goodwill find. This is really old, the frame came a nasty brassy gold, we painted it black to pop on the walls. You have to know we shopped Goodwill for months to find these great finds.
I wish this picture showed you the true finish, it is just beautiful!
Just one more swoon if you are lovin this chandy as much as me! Keep on checking back I have so much to show you. If you noticed that ugly green floral chair, it's a little vanity chair that we are going to redo, wait to you see it!


Adrien said...

Love it! And you're so right, I could stare at the shadows from that chandelier all day long! (But...okay...so I wouldn't mind having the TV.) Great Goodwill finds, too!

Brandi said...

So Pretty! Love your craftiness!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I think that shower by itself is bigger than my whole bedroom.

Add a mini-fridge and a laptop, and I'd never have to leave.


Crystal said...

What about those A-MAZING mirrors that you found at Big Lots. I'm thinking they were $30??? Great find. Perfect!

mississippi artist said...

Love the chandelier and how clever to elevate the bust on a flower pot! Everything looks wonderful.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

I am glad I found your blog and am now following you. I am working on my bathroom too, so this was a delight to read!

Lisa said...

wow! This is gorgeous! The tiling and the vanity are just beautiful! And I'm so jealous of the tv by the tub!

kara@elements-interiors.net said...

HEY Laura! Im your newest follower! I LOVE THIS! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL bathroom...Uuuhhh, can I come take a Bubble Bath? I would LOVE for you to link this up at my Linky Whassup party! And I would love to have you as a new follow :) Come link this BEAUTY UP!



Gypsy Heart said...

Just found your blog and I'm so glad! This bath and all the decor is dynamite...just gorgeous. You two have done a wonderful job finding all the treasures. LOVE those mirrors! I will be anxious to see more.

I'm your newest follower. Stop by when you can...I'm slowly getting back to blogging after my move.


Honey at 2805 said...

Well, Mis Smarty Pants, you have a great looking bath! Just became your friend and follower. Hope you wil pay me a visit. Love new friends!

Stacey said...

Hey there Ms Smartie Pants! Would you mind telling me how the curtain above the tub is hung? And is it a special kind of curtain? My heart just MELTED when I saw it...would look awesome in our bath! Thanks & I LOVE your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are building a bathroom in our master bedroom and we have been looking into putting a chandelier over our tub I love yours, so pretty. I keep finding information saying that it isn't up to code to put a chandilier over a tub unless its some crazy height above it or it is waterproof.

Do you know anything about that? Or is yours water proof? I would love any help!! :)

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