Monday, November 22, 2010

Simple touch to a lampshade.

Here is a little more eye candy from my nieces house. All over blogland you see really cute touches to lampshades.... so of course we couldn't have a plain white lamp shade.
Don't you love the pic in the frame??? That will change soon.
Isn't this cute??? All tied up like a package.
Here you can see her chairs. We are in LOVVVVEEEE with these chairs and  look in the corner. A quarterfoil screen. I'll show you better pics of that at another time.
Come a little closer and take a gander. This lamp was on clearance for 20.00 and our little addition cost nada, zilch, nothing people. The off white fabric was cheesecloth we already had and the black ribbon was on the packaging of something else she bought. Can't beat that can you??? Oh and look at the coordinating books, CUTE! All of this is temporary, she gets tired of it, untie it and take it off.
One more thing but of course someone forgot to take a before picture... I think that would be me. Just imagine a whiteish, brownish, kinda dull pot. Got the picture???
Spray painted black.... that is already an improvement. But did we stop there, uh no way!
Wala! Isn't she lovely??? We added some more Rub and Buff. This time it was the patina color. Simple as the name, rub it on, buff it out.  Of course the "in person" view is so much better. That vase in the back is gorgeous isn't it???
~toodles~ Laura


Tammy said...

The shade looks wonderful. Hope you are having a great day today with lots of food and family.

ChunkyPorkChop said...

It's beautiful!

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

I'm like you! I see a plain shade and think WHAT can I do with this! This turned out so cute! Love the bow!

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