Monday, June 14, 2010

Furniture shopping inspiration!

So I recently went furniture shopping with my niece. It has been awhile since I went to a furniture store, it was so much fun. It never occurred to me to go to a furniture store for inspiration.  That would be such a fun place to work. I took lots of pics and I want to share them with you!
Ok, this isn't actually inspiration, it is a rug I LOVE!!!! It would be perfect in my house, if only I had a place that I needed one!
I know there are alot of you out there that love this pattern.  It would be really difficult to cut this out, but imagine if you painted it on a screen, you could even use door panels to make it. Look at the neat reflection it makes on the wall.
This looks like so many pieces of furniture that I have seen on blogs for and 10 times the cost.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  I just picked up a piece of furniture for nothing, hmmmm wonder if this is the color I should make it.  It has little specs of paint splashed on also.  I just love it!
How easy would this be?  You could use your circuit and cut out a design and place it on a lampshade.  I love that only part of the design is on there.  Of course you could always paint something on.  I love the high contrast and graphic design of this lamp.
I have made these, they are so simple. I need to do a tutorial on it and show you how.  It is a floral block glued on a 50 cent white tile from the hardware store and then the plants of your choice stuck into the brick. Super easy and you can make them any size.  They are great for putting on a wall sconce.
Look at the texture on this pillow.  It is some kind of fleece cut into little rectangles.  It rolls up all by itself and then each one is sewn on right thru the center.  It would be great in a kids room but imagine it in white, how cool would it be in your bedroom.
I fell in love with this idea!!! I think they used wrapping paper, but you could also use scrapbook paper.  This is such a simple idea.
Look at all of the litte alphabet stickers in the middle, brilliant!
Look at the dimension of these. They used ribbon for the stems and put polka dots on them.
And the butterfly!  It is flying thru the room, too sweet, perfect for a little girls room.
Look at the guitar!  It's huge and there is a real whole in the wall. There are real strings on it also.  Look at the next picture and see how they made the strings stay on.
I don't know the names for guitar parts but look at where the strings begin, they used finials, such a smart idea! My daughter is into playing the guitar right now I would love to paint this in her room.
Check back later and see Part II, lots of simple art ideas. Did anything inspire you?

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Kirsty said...

Why Hello there!
Just thought I would stop by to say hello, as one fellow creator to another! I am rather loving that screen by the way...

Oh my... I have just scrolled down and found the lighting post... I love it... and thinking well it doesn't get much better than that *scrolls down some more* oh yes yes it does! I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT CHAIR!!!!!!!!! SO IN LOVE!

Thank you for posting!!! I need to save that chair thread! It is WONDERFUL!

The much appreciative, Kirsty

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