Saturday, June 26, 2010

A dress redo!

So I bought this shirt and I love it.  I wear it under a cute little grey sweater and it looks fun and fashionable.haha (Pardon the bad lighting in the pictures, I couldn't wait to post this.)
And I bought this dress last year on clearance for 10.00, but the top didn't fit and I forgot to return it. I cleaned out my closet this year and found it!  I loved the fabric and I couldn't return it so I started to think what could I do with it and then I remembered the grey polka dot shirt and thought "hey wait a minute here!"
See isn't it cute???
First I cut off the halter part of the blue dress. Then I stretched out the grey shrit and layed it on my dress for a pattern. Then I stitched the arm wholes, and a neck line. I took the original straps from the halter and used those for the tie part, notice the little wooden beads, I love those and thought I could use them. I didn't even have to put a hem in the bottom because I just cut from the top of the dress.  It turned out great!  I LOVE it!  I need to make or find a brown cover up to wear with it.

~toodles~ Laura


Staci J said...

I LOVE that fabric too!! Great job! Visiting from a vision to remember linky party

Jen @ said...

I love that polka dot material. So cute!!


miss Yelpington said...

hiya i saw your comment on 'thrifty decor chick' asking how do u change the comments bit, thought i would help u out coz i only recently figured that one out myself lol. click 'design' at the top of your page, then when u see 'Blog posts' click 'edit', then its the 4th one down and u can write anything at all, hope this helps xxxxx

Country Mouse said...

Great idea!!! Love that print also!:) thanks for sharing!

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Great thinking! Really great. Thank you so much for linking this up, too. You rock!


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