About Me

Hi I am glad you stopped by! I have to begin by explaining why I call myself Ms Smartie Pants. The truth is my husband came up with the name. Have you ever made or decorated something and then say to your spouse, "look what I did honey?" Well years ago my husband answered with "you're just a smarty pants" and so it began. When he would come home from work and I was showing off my latest transformation that began with a find in a dumpster, he'd say "you're just a smarty pants." It has even morphed into MSP at times . So, when I talked about starting my own blog, it just seemed like the nick name would be the perfect fit.

I love, did I say love, yeah LOVE to create! I love just every part of of crafting, creating, painting, sewing, and even the dirty parts (well maybe not sanding). I feel the same way about decorating. I could spend, and do spend hours laying awake dreaming of new ways to transform my house. I had a decorating business for a few years called Dreams of Decorating. It was a fun experience, and one I may reestablish someday.

As much as I love to decorate and create, the thing that truly fills my heart is my family. I have three sons and a daughter. My daughter is the only one home, as the boys have grown and have left the nest. I have lived in Texas most all of my life with the exception of a few years in Alaska. I work part time at a church which gives me another great outlet for my creativity.

So get your favorite drink, kick off you shoes and take a look around the place!

Contact me at:
mssmartiepants @yahoo.com
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