Saturday, April 24, 2010

Which way is the beach?

So I have had this shelf for YEARS and it has been in almost every room in my house as it has lost it's popularity it ended up on the back porch holding plants.  And then I found out about ORB spray paint (oil based bronze) and once again it has been brought back to life. It looked so good I moved it to my front porch.  The truth is not much inside my house needs decorating so I have to do the front porch! :)

I love how it turned out.  I didn't buy anything recently but the plants.  I keep a closet of things I like and find cheap, so that I can switch things up.  (Feeling a little wasteful when I actually say that out loud!) Anyway I went to Florida a couple of months ago and helped my friend Karen do a little decorating with her house, (love you girl) and I have had the beach bug ever since, so once I decided to bring this to my front porch I knew just what theme I wanted to use to decorate with.

Here is a closeup. I love the shell balls I got at TJ Home store a couple of years ago, they are perfect, make me happy, the second one is gorg, but doesn't show that well.

Close up of bottom half.  All the seashells and beach wood and rocks were gathered on various vacations last year.  I was very fortunate to get to go to 3 different beaches around the US last year.

I love this moss stuff, Hob Lob, plastic but looks like the real thing. I hope the birds leave it alone!

This jar is full of sand and shells from our vacation to Padre, great times. And those gloves are gloves my son used to wear when he was a little boy working in the yard. <3

I am loving succulents all of the sudden. This one looks like it is reaching out to me. I'm not sure they will be happy on the porch, if not I know where to buy some fake ones! :)

This little birdie told me it needed a new home. By the way part of this project was taking down a big shrub that blocked our front porch.  I found a robins nest in there with 3 little eggs in it.  I'm feeling so sad that I took the babies from her.  I left it in the bush next to the one I took down, but she has not returned.  I didn't know I was taking her home. Bird sadness. :(

Can you believe this planter is from Walmart, I want more, more, more. So pretty. So here is my challenge.  Take a look around your house at one spot you want to decorate.  Think about what you would like it to look like. If you have no idea go and grab stuff you aren't using or grab some of your favs.  Go from room to room and just take one things. Put together a color pallete that you like, group things together that are similar in style and see if you have enough for your space.  I took way more outside than I needed, tried to see what I had the most of to tell my story.  Put things you love together and you will love the finished product!!  Look for different shapes, sizes and textures and make sure you have things that are tall, short and everything in between. Have fun!!! If you don't like it, start all over again, it isn't permanent.

Here is my next redo.  I got it at Goodwill for $7.99. I hope to work on it tomorrow!


Mary Vogel Lozinak said...


jenjen said...

HI Laura!

Cute blog. I am excited to see your projects. I love that metal shelf unit!


Michelle said...

Hi Laura!
Thanks so much for coming by and visiting my blog and for your sweet comment.

Your blog looks great! Love the "plant" stand and the chair it all looks so great together.

:) Michelle

Sandra said...

Fun way to use your metal shelf...I wish I had found those shell balls at a store...I just tried
making one with white half shells...looks like a white artichoke or something!

Jenny said...

Beautiful vignettes. You have such a good eye for design. Saw you on Julie's blog and came to visit.

Cathi_in_TX said...

Oh how I wish I could put something like that on my front porch. It would probably last 5 minutes before it was blown away. The trials of living in the midwest. I'll have to stick to big planters that can't move! Love your blog Laura.

Anita@GoingALittleCoastal said...

I love how your metal shelf turned out. You gave it a new life. I just picked up a smaller one at a thrift store and it's getting a bit of paint I think too!

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