Sunday, November 27, 2011

My space is finally ready for some Christmas crafting!

I finally have the creative room of my dreams! At least in this house, I could always use something bigger but this is a huge improvement.  I think this room has been redone more than any room in the house. But it's always been with leftovers or freebies, finally I was able to spend a little money and fix it like I want. I still have a few projects left to do BUT the layout is done! Ok, get ready for LOTS of pics!
Welcome in, this is the first thing you see..
 Look I even have a chair to sit and snuggle in.
 No, this isn't all of my ribbon, just the bits and pieces you have left after a project or the stuff that comes off of packaging. It's easy to have it right by the door so you can put it on a hook.

 It's a small room, I have to take advantage of every space.
 My goal is to have as much as I can at my fingertips, so tired of digging for stuff!
 Love my new Ikea curtains!!! They make me so happy, love the vintage feel!
 I love elephants, and dislike plugs, this covers one of those so I don't have to look at it. Bad blurry pic!
 Have you picked up a copy of this magazine yet, you should you won't be sorry! I showed you some highlights here.
 And my Ikea shelving, this was what I had been wanting and needing for a LONG time!
 My work desk, I have been in here everyday since I got it set up. Last night I almost got up at 3am to go and create something! I am just loving my space.

 Lot of necessities right at my finger tips! And see that photo? That reminds me of me and one of my favorite people in the whole world. (Love ya Karen) We always tell each other we won't let the other act or dress old. In this picture we have given up!
 And my collection of my favorite elephants. Yes that's a tv. I'm telling you if there was a fridge, I don't think I would ever leave the room.. oh and a potty. :)
 This is an elephant my daughter made me at school when she was little. It's a bell! LOVE IT!
 Great paint storage, the 2 wooden crates came from Goodwill and I just gave them a coat of spray paint. Now I can find any color really easily! Apparently I have a thing for green! There are 3 sections of greens. I can just see me now in the store, do I have any green paint? No I better pick some up!
Have you seen these sample paints at Home Depot? They are Martha's. I'll tell you more about those later. And the little tile next to them, my daughter made this one too. It's an elephant angel, she is so creative!
 Two of these great big shelves! The best part, not all of this storage is full, room to grow!
 A few of my stamps.
 Ms Sassy Pants. I don't know how you feel about your Silhouete, but me and Ms Sassy, have a love hate relationship. Right now I'm not talking to her! Sometimes she makes the simplest project sooo difficult. Am I the only one that feels this way?
 I still need to paint this. The dresser I got at a garage sale last year and the top storage is something I just picked up at a flea market. I can't decide on what color just yet.
 A little inspiration in the craft room is always a good thing.
 And then sometimes you realize... it is what is it, and turn out the lights and try another day.
 This is by an artist in one of my favorite vacation spots, Rockport, Massachusetts.
And a little angel to look over me as I work.
 And just so you know I'm keeping it real! This is the inside of this until I get it fixed...
and the closet is next. I think I am going to take the door off and put the same curtain in front of it, easier access and I get to look at more of that fabulous fabric! So let's just say I am tickled pink! I'll show some of the things I have been working on in the last few days this week so check back soon!
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rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Love it. Love it ALL.

I've seen those curtains at IKEA, but could never visualize them in a space - now I wanna skip work and go get them.


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Ohhhhh, this was a joy to come over and discover. You did a wonderful job on your Work Space. Every inch is delightful!!! Have fun with it!!! : )

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

I love the fact that you took a pic of the inside of the cabinets! So funny! And I love the Elephant bell - my daughter's projects are all keepers! Such a great treasure! - kg

Tattered & Timeless said...

Love the space have certainly made it a space to go into and forget the world while you crete. On the closet- just take the door off and put shelves in it and a curtain like you will hold so much.

OAK House 5. said...

WOW! What I would do for a space like this! Well done!

OhioMomPatriot said...

It is fabulous! I really love how you have used every bit of space, but it doesn't look overwhelming. You have given me some ideas to help my...sewing/fish tank/movie/music/coats/computer parts/hunting/color guard flags/and who knows what get a little easier to work in. Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

It look AWESOME!!! So many things that are inspirational. I have that picture of the little girl hugging the elephant! You did souch a great job, and I know you are enjoying your new space! said...

I love the closet picture because it looks like mine - thanks for sharing some craft room inspiration. I need it for my craft room overhaul in January. Visiting you from Whipperberry.

Lianne said...

This is an AMAZING room! I am a bit envious! :-)

Visiting from Whipperberry!

-Lianne @
a content housewife {blog}

Pamma said...

Oh my great is this room! Now you can get down to some mad creating and everything at your fingertips. Wow. Loving the little shelves on the side of the hutch and your tools in the peg board. Uber jealous of your organization.

Myfriendscallmesuzy said...

Your space looks great! I wish I had a whole room to my self. You have done a great job using the space you have. I'm so glad you got the gift and like it. Yes I took the quote from your blog. I really love it! I can't wait to get what you have made for me.

Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life said...

Looks like a great space to create it. I am slowly working on mine, but I don't think I will like it until I can paint the room, but at least getting it organized will be a huge improvement. Enjoy your space. :)

kim said...

Your room is SOOO cutie! I am hosting my first EVAH link party this weekend. It is up and running now and I would love for you to come link up some of your projects!

Kim @ Too Much Time

Jenny@daysofchalkandchocolate said...

That is a great room! It has everything you need at your fingertips and it's so organized! Would you link it up to my party?

So Many Little Things said...

This room makes me want to walk in, sit down and finish a project (or at least start). Thanks for sharing. I always like getting to see the insides of the cabinets.

Kim @ Too Much Time said...

It must feel so great to have every single thing you will ever need to cutely displayed and right at your finger tips!Thanks so much for linking up to my first ever party and helping make it a huge success!

Camille said...

It turned out amazing! I am so jealous- I wish that I had a room just like this for all my crafts and projects!!
We have a link party going on this weekend and we would love to have you stop by and share this!
Camille @

PS I am your newest follower! Have a good weekend!

Vicky said...

Looks great! I think we all have a closet like that. :-) I am a new follower from Whipperberry. Vicky from Mess For Less

Cottage and Broome said...

Glad to see you are keeping it real! I was thinking I wish my room was that organize but I have too much stuff, I see you have just as much stuff. I am also a night owl when I get working on a project. Laura

Ruth said...

Your craft room is amazing. I think I'm a wee bit jealous. What an amazing space to create and you don't have to stop and clean up in the middle of a project because it's dinner time. This is on my wish list.


Freak 4 Crafts said...

I LOVE this as well! :) I have a craft room in progress, so seeing your pics gives me a little inspiration to keep working on it.

Jennifer @ Just A Girl said...

What an inspiring crafting environment! I love it!

Myfriendscallmesuzy said...

I got your gift today and I LOVE it! The embossed metal on the letters is beautiful! Thanks as much they go perfect with our white, green and red Christmas tree.

Jacqueline said...

Oh its so cute and WORKABLE! I love how organized everything is, but still where you can FIND it :)

Vanessa said...

I love how organized you are! I would love for you to link up your project at Do Something Crafty Friday:

Aimee said...

AWESOME craft room! Love it! Cute drapes, too {I have similar ones}. I'm your newest follower and would love it if you'd return the "love" on your next visit!!!

XO, Aimee from ItsOverflowing!

PS I'm having my first linky party on 12/13. It will be "Christmas Scape" themed, tablescape ~ landscape or anywhere else in you home that you've added a touch of Christmas! I'd LOVE for you to link up! My blog is

JanetB said...

I bet you paint that cabinet over the dresser . . . GREEN!!!

Gallamore West said...

I love it! Doesn't it feel so nice to have it organized and not have to dig around for everything! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment on my craft corner! :)
Laurie @ Gallamore West :)

Lindsay Y. said...

I love what you did with your paints...I was just asking my hubs tonight if he could think of a good way to store them!

Here's my room:

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