Sunday, November 20, 2011

My craft space redo, take 10!

I am working on my workroom, AGAIN! The problem is the space is too small or I have too much stuff. I'm not sure but I think I'm sticking with the first one. The other problem is that I haven't ever really had any storage so I bought these shelves from IKEA, called Gorm.
They come unfinished, I am painting mine with some oops paint. This project is taking me forever, I am overwhelmed by it all. I just want it to all my stuff to fit in the room when I am done! But today I want to show you this beautiful new spray paint I found at Lowe's.
Isn't it pretty? I'd like to tell you the name of it BUT I threw the can away and I bought a new one, but it's in the car and it's late and cold outside so I'm not going out. I bought this wooden thing to hang on the wall and put my paint bottles in at Goodwill.
And a little closer look. Love this, such a pretty shade, reminds me of the ocean in Florida! Well that is it for now, nice little tease huh? If you want to see what my craft space looked like before, check it out here. 
Funny, this isn't what it looked like when I started redoing it this time, it is forever evolving!

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