Friday, April 13, 2012

Beautified Cabinet transformed with ASCP!

Do you ever admire a piece of furniture at a friends house and feel you've got to have it and then tell said friend every time you are at her house that you want that when she doesn't? I do,  and I did and patience paid off! My friend finally tired of this piece and I was all over it.
 This was a Craiglist find for her, of course she brought it home and gave it a coat of paint and sanded it down. This cabinet is HUGE, it is 80 inches long and about 65 inches tall. As soon as I got it into my space I knew I was going to have to paint it, while is was perfect for her space the color wasn't working for me.
I decided to use Annie Sloan paint, Provence blue and to use the beadboard wallpaper on the back wall of the cabinet. ASPC doesn't require you sand or scrape but I didn't want any paint peeling up so I decided to scrape off the old paint on the shelving. This piece really has me perplexed, I cannot decide how old it is or if the top and bottom were built at different times or if it was a DIY job. Honestly is doesn't matter. In my opinion it is the best of both worlds, storage and shelving to display chach-keys!
This is the ASCP sanded down just a bit. At this point I am not sure what the final product will be. I had just been to Anthropology just before I started this project and they had a great piece that looked like it had been pulled out of some old barn. I was hoping I could fake that with this paint. 
Once I got 3 coats of the blue on I decided to sand and wax. Now let me tell you something. I think people think that ASCP is so cool because you don't have to prime and sand but what you should realize is that you have to put a few coats on so to me it doesn't really cut down the time or work on a project. The bonus is the look of the paint, it is still alot of work but it's worth it!
I didn't take pics of all the trial and error I went thru but again let's just say this piece is helping me exercise  soooooo much patience!!! I usually like a project I can do in a few hours and be done with it, but I kept telling myself do it right, take your time, don't settle for less than you want. So, finally I get to this point and I am crazy about how it's looking, this is what I had in my head, totally loving it!
I think this chunky trim is one of my favorite parts of the piece. I have only painted one other piece of furniture with this paint and my kitchen cabinets ( which I have yet to blog about). I don't really know what I am doing so I started to research it and found Shaunna on Imperfectly Perfect and she had lots of great info and even has some videos to show you how to wax and use the dark wax. Her info was so helpful with this project, I had failed when I had tried to use the dark wax before. If you are going to try this paint, you have to watch her videos.
So, here it is all done and yep I am very happy with it. I have to tell you this project took me hours, literally it is all I worked on for 3 days. As I said it's big and there were alot of steps. The waxing process takes a little muscle but I am very happy with it. Check back tomorrow and I will show you how I accessorized it. What do you think, have you ever seen a large piece of furniture like this before?

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

That piece looks awesome! I love the new paint job! Stopping by from TT&J.

Anonymous said...


Liz said...

Love the how your piece turned out! I recently bougth some sample pots of ASCP and I think I am in love. PLEASE share your kitchen cabinet re-do...cabinets are on my list and I would love some tips!

amy and bryce said...

What a great transformation!! I love the colors and the decor. I really like the bike/flower poster, where did you get it?

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