Thursday, September 15, 2011

Preparing for fall...

Today kinda feels a little fall like and I am soooo glad for a couple of reasons. One, it's my very favorite time of the year, love the colors, the temps, the foods and even like the clothes for this season the best! And secondly...  I am going to be in a craft show in just a little over a week and I have been crafting nothing but fall stuff, and so I am glad that it's beginning to feel like fall although chances are here in Texas it will be in the 90's within a couple of days, just sayin...
So I want to teeeaasssee you with a few things that I have made for my craft show.
I was inspired by a few blogs out there.
These pumpkins I found on a blog I have followed for a while called Tattered & Timeless. Tammy is such a sweetheart and has began selling at a booth in her area.  I have made several pumpkins in all shapes, colors and sizes.

And then I stumbled upon a new blog called Today Is My Someday and I was inspired by a fall wreath she just made. I used different fabrics than hers, most of mine are made out of old clothing, coats and upholstery fabric but I really liked the look of her wreath with the burlap at the top so I incorporated it into my wreath.
 I love these flowers, parts of them are from leather and suede coats.
These flowers are made from burlap, felt and upholstery fabrics and a bit of yarn and ribbon too!
Love these colors! I'm excited but nervous, I should have started working on this months ago. Not sure what I was thinking trying to pull it together in just a month. This is the first craft show I have done in years! I am hoping to get a booth at a local shop once this is done.
So I have all lots more for sell, but if you want to see it you'll need to come to the craft show!
Fall on the Mound
September 24th, 9:00-4:00
Trietsch United Methodist Church
Flower Mound, TX. 
There will be 250 vendors there so lots to choose from. Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, so pretty. Love all of the textures and colors. Your booth is going to be a very popular one. I'm hoping to make it to the craft show.

Tattered & Timeless said...

Oh Laura thanks for the shout out. But I wish I could come shop your sale. Good luck my friend and I am sure you will sell out quickly. The good part about that is then you can go shopping with all your new made money. Let me know how the show went.

Mellodee said...

Uuuuhhhmmm, I see wreaths, I see pillows, I see bows, I see flowers, but I really don't see any pumpkins. Is it just me?? :)

Kim@todayismysome-day said...

Thanks for the shout out :) I love the wreath with the "curly ribbons". You'll sell out for sure! Wish I could see all of your items displayed. Are you gonna do a post on it?

Finding Home said...

Ooh - how exciting for you Laura! Seems like we have been on a similar page - I did a lot with upholstery fabric too - mostly tweeds and such. Love the wreath with the ribbon flowers, it is really unique. I wish you the very best luck with getting it all done and enjoying a successful show. Although, based on the time of your comment you might want to get in a little more sleep!

Take care! Laura

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Girl, that stuff is gonna be snatched up instantly! SO PERFECT for fall. I hope you don't lose your mind getting ready for it and you have lots of free time after - you're gonna be getting tons of orders!!

Jane said...

Hi Laura,
Your booth will be a smashing success!! I love the pumpkin pillows and the fabrics that you used a perfect!! The wreaths are very cute too.
I have two sisters that both live in Frisco....I'll let them know about the show.

Mandy said...

Love it all Laura. I love the flowers on the wreaths. How did you get the brown on the edges of the flowers?
I followed you over from Flamingo Toes. I'm your newest follower.

Jordan McCollum said...

Awesome! I'm not that into seasonal decor in my home, but yours looks gorgeous! My mom posted a pieced fall table runner on our blog this week that would go great with your decor. TFS!

Janet said...

These are all so nice! Good luck with your show. :)

Twist of Dazzle said...

I will stop by and visit your both. We usually do this craft show but have decided to slow down on them and just go and shop. Good Luck and I love your stuff.

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Laura-
Your booth is going to look so pretty filled with all the pretty fall items you have made. I love the animal print patterns mixed in - very chic. Did you take the photos with your new camera - they came out great.
Good Luck this weekend.

My best- Diane

gail said...

Your wreaths are gorgeous! Love that you used old coats! I always look at them at thrift stores, but they seem to be too high.

Anonymous said...

very very pretty! great combination of rich colors and fabric weaves. I so need to make a wreath and love the way you have constructed yours. thank you for sharing your wonderful inspriation!! my best, diane

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