Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween... old and new!

Okay I suggest you get comfortable, get your favorite drink, empty your bladder whatever it takes. I am finally posting some Halloween/fall decor and ideas.  It's my fav time of the year, (shock I know you haven't heard that from any other blogger!!!!) and so this is just the beginning.  I have much more to show you over the coming days.  Let me begin by showing your a really scary room...
This is most of my fall stuff. I dump everything out of the bins and then begin figuring out where I will put it. It can be a bit overwhelming I suppose... but I am so excited to see it all, it's like opening a present!
This is a little Halloween tree that I made years ago.  Pretty simple.  The base is a heart, dowel drilled in and another cross dowel drilled to make the horizontal bar. I think I used a coat hanger to make the wire part up top. Take a closer look at some of the things hung on it.  I love it ...but it doesn't really go with my decor now so I may have to Goodwill it.
Simple wooden blocks that have a hole drilled thru them, rafia tied around it.
Little round knob for a pumpkin and a spider made out of a pom pom and pipe cleaners.
A wooden button and crepe wings make a little bat.
 A little ghost made out of some cheese cloth.
Cute little face painted on the tree. I love this little tree!  If you decide to make one use up some of your scraps, don't go and buy everything. I made this such a long time ago I don't even remember if it was a kit or I just used what I had.
This is a fun little witch I made several years ago as well. It's just triangle with the top cut off a face shaped like a U and a little triangle hat and rafia for hair. It is stuffed like a pillow. I had several of them in different patterns all in a basket and even made some small ones to wear as a pin. My kids are all grown up now so I don't do much of Halloween but it's hard to let the old items go. Now for my current decor.
This is my front porch.  I showed you this same bakers rack decorated with beach items here. I love having this is gives me another space to decorate and it's just so inviting when I come up.
Check out my lamp, I just bought that ribbon at a garage sale and knew just what I wanted to do with it.  I can't decide if I want to add one more in the middle.  What do you think?  There is a tiny bit of sparkle in the ribbon, it's like woven jute, but it doesn't show up here.
I love this little witch, another item I have had for years.
A dear friend game me this as a gift last year.  Look how cute and simple.  Simply a canvas, you could make whatever size you wanted. Scrapbook paper... painted around the edge, the black dots are black glitter and the owl is decoupaged  also.  I think the words are hand painted.  I love this piece!!!
I always try to add a touch of real flowers, especially these fall flowers, they last forever!
This makes my heart pitter patter... the color combo.... yummy and check out the little owl peeking at me when I arrive home.
Scarecrows!  Another one of my fav's about fall.  Here is another super easy cute idea. He has a 2x4 block as a body.
Isn't he adorable???
Ok I can't stop saying this but... I love this. It's burlap that has been painted.  I could have made it myself but it was so inexpensive, half price at Hob Lob so I had to have it! Here is a little peek inside... I'll show you more in the coming days so be sure to stop by.  If you make any of these items be sure to send me a pic. I would love to see what you do!
Toodles ~ Laura

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Wendy's Email; said...

love the owl trick or treat sign!! Very cute! Thanks for your comment on my porch!

Krista @ While He Was Napping said...

This is so adorable! I'd love for you to link it to my Halloween party happening this weekend. It would be a wonderful addition!


Jen @ said...

Everything is so festive and cute! thanks for sharing with us!


Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

Cute decorations! It truly is like opening a present each season!
I always have to get my stuff out really early so I don't buy something I already have. :)

gail said...

Very festive! I'm sure all the little trick or treaters will enjoy your porch!

gail@roomingwithgail said...

So festive! I know all the little trick or treaters will love going up on your porch!

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

Girl I have to say you had me at the mess on the dining room table. That is so funny as it is how I decorate too- dump it all and then go to town. That way I end up with a different look each year. Fun to open them up and see them in a different way.

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Laura -
Such wonderful fall colors - I love your porch - it is so fall like and inviting. What fun discovering all of your decorations and putting them out to enjoy for the season.
My best- Diane

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