Friday, October 28, 2011

Witchy Hostess Gift

So I am part of the Creepy Crawl ....
and I am late because today I dropped my camera... but no worries, it's ok, I think! So enough waiting and all the drama. Are you going to a Halloween party and need a little something to take along? How about a little witchy gift?
 Isn't she cute??? If your costume isn't the best of show maybe the bottle of spirits you bring will be! Wanna know how to make one? It's super easy and you can use scraps of stuff you have laying around the house.
Gather up some supplies. You'll need a fabric for the hat, I used felt. Some kind of fabric for the skirt, I used 2 different kinds of tulle, but ribbon or torn fabric could work too. Some ribbon for the legs about a half an inch wide and a hair rubber band. Oh and hot glue, gotta have the hot glue!
So, I took a piece of paper and rolled it up to make a cone for a pattern, then cut a piece of felt the same size, rolled it up and hot glued it. Next, I cut a couple of circles the same size and glued them to the bottom of my cone. On the underside of the hat I cut a big X out of the flat part so it would fit down over the bottle.
Then I took the tulle and cut it in strips about 10 inches long and an inch wide. I tied them all around the rubber band until it was really full. If you have made one for a little girl probably do it the same way. It doesn't have to be perfect it's going on a bottle! I also cut legs about 6 inches long and cut out some little boots and glued them onto the skirt. Put the skirt on first and then the hat and you have the coolest looking bottle at the party!
Here's the top view, isn't she stylish? Happy Halloween, ya'll be safe!
Don't forget to check out the others in the Creepy Crawl on Sunday and Monday.
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Marilyn said...

What a neat and awesome idea Laura.. This is soo cute and festive..I LOVE it :)) Thanks so much for sharing..Loving having you on the crawl..:))

Karen said...

Looks great! Thanks for link up to Pocket Full of Pink!

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Great idea!

Marilyn said...

Hello lovely.. THANKS SO MUCH again for joining in on the crawl and for your amazing feature.. Sad it's over.. Today is our party, please stop in and link up / grab a code for your bloggy friends to link up here as well.. TY TY SO MUCH AGAIN for participating.. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Wishing you a spooky fun day.. ~ XOXO

Crafty Mischief said...

Too cute! I found you through Tatertots and Jello. Thanks for sharing!

Grace said...

so so cute!


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Just perfect - as always!

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