Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guest Blogger from A Little Knick Knack

Hey guys, I want to introduce you to a great blog. Meg at A Little Knick Knack
has a great blog with lots of inspiration. Go on over and see for yourself!

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be here at Laura's blog today. Isn't she great? I love her sense of style and whimsy. She is a wonderful inspiration to me!

My name is Meg and I live over at A Little Knick Knack. I've been blogging for just over a year and love it! I have a lovely link party every Friday called Everything but the Kitchen Sink, and I'd love for you to join! I also host many great giveaways and do some fun reviews, so come by and check things out!
A Little Knick Knack
I have a lot of wood. Anything that I can do to wood, I'll do. I love to paint, stain, glaze, hammer, distress, sand...the possibilities are endless. I had so much fun making these birdhouses....

 ...and these fun little initial blocks...

 I've been trying my hand at sewing lately. I hosted a basic sewing series with another fabulous blog friend--Tina from Twinkle Toes, and we did a tutorial on how to make these lovely pillowcases....

Today I'd like to show you how I made a really simple sign for my kitchen. First, I took an old board I had gotten in the "as-is" bin at Home Depot. They sell fragments of wood for $.50 a board. CHEAP!I took this board and primed it white.

And then painted it with a bright, bright, BRIGHT red. Since I was going to paint another color over this, I went with the sloppy method.

Let your base color dry for awhile, so there's no smearing. Once you're satisfied, paint a nice topcoat over it. I chose a light blue. 

Now, go ahead and print your letters in the size and font you want for your sign.

Now, here is my poor-man's method for getting letters on your wood. Take your signs and turn them over. Rub the back liberally with pencil. Turn them back over and trace the outside of the words onto your sign. The lead will rub off on your board leaving you a nice outline to paint. 

I like to use acrylic paint pens to fill in my words. So much easier for me and my unsteady hand!

I took a piece of sand paper (150 grit) and sanded over the entire board. It sanded down nicely, but I still needed a little more antiquing. I got my walnut stain and wet paper towel.
 I brushed on a layer of walnut and then quickly wiped it off with the paper towel. It gave me the effect I was going for.

And there's your "vintage" farm sign! Enjoy!

Wow, this is great! Love the tip on how to do this if you don't have a die cut machine. Thanks Meg, great projects! So go on over guys and show Meg some love!

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