Saturday, February 19, 2011

Waiting on Spring!

We are feeling a little springy here with really warm weather although I am sure winter hasn't completely left us. But maybe the plants know something I don't know.
And the windows were open today and this little guy was singing a song.
See him peaking out from the branch looking at me.
Well with these signs and warm weather I decided it was time to do a little pre-spring decorating. I'm not ready to get all my stuff out but just do a light version of spring.

Some greenery I pulled together and put it in a little box that I  purchased at Goodwill for 2.00.
Just a little bit of spring for the entry.
 I love these colors and textures together.
Again with my birds that I love, sitting on a Spring book by Mary Engelbreit.
But then when I took the pictures I thought something didn't look quite right.
My little lantern I got for 8.00 from Pier One.
Much better! So for now, this will hold me over until I can get all of my spring decor up. How about you, are you getting the fever too? It won't be long until this...
Looks like this again!


Mellodee said...

You know, the groundhog was reported to have decreed it will be an early springthis year! Perhaps that spiky little rodent knows what he's talking about after all! Bless his heart!

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love that wonderful little thing you have in your cloche- gosh I don't know what it would be called.

So wanting spring though it has warmed up to melt alot of the snow off for which I am thankful!

bee blessed

Anonymous said...

Looks great there Laura - very Springy! I like your attention to detail in your entryway, very lovely.

Leslie said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for helping to bring on Spring! Your creativity is just beautiful..
Your Newest Follower
Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

Jocelyn said...

Lovely entryway! You certainly put me in the spring mood. I love those birds.

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Looking beautiful! Love how you painted the top of the dresser. Sweet!

Jane said...

You have a beautiful entryway! The display on the dresser is styled beautifully and I LOVE the painted top on the dresser!

Janet said...

Very pretty! I especially love the plants in the chest. Hopefully spring will be here soon. :)

Alyssa said...

I'm waiting on Spring too!! Where is it? I hope it didn't bang a left instead of taking a right at the stop sign. Very nice work! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

concretenprimroses said...

Lovely vignettes!

Chelsea said...

Beautiful entryway! I featured it today on my blog,! Thanks for sharing your creative talents!

KTbee said...

i love the dresser with the blue top. i paint a lot of furniture the opposite way with the paint on the lower part, leaving the top stained, but for whatever reason it never occurs to me to do it that way. i'm gonna keep that in mind for future pieces =) thanks

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that is gorgeous! it is exactly the opposite scheme of my dresser! i love the top being painted and the knobs coordinating- it looks so lovely!

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