Sunday, September 26, 2010

Angela's beautiful home Part II

So a couple of weeks ago I showed you my friend Angela's home, or at least part of it. The pictures just don't do it justice. I want to show you her bedroom and upstairs rooms.
 This is her bed, remember Minnie and Cooper, great dogs to cuddle up to!  They look like they think the bed belongs to them! lol Check out that headboard, dreamy!
 This may be one of the best features to the home.  They added it a couple of years ago. It was a very ugly day outside, dreary and raining, but this place still looks gorgeous!!! This is the view from the french doors in her bedroom. I would be curled up with a book ALL THE TIMIE! What an oasis!!!
I love these nightstands and mirrors. There is one on each side of the bed. Anything smaller wouldn't have looked right with the height of her bed. They give this room the weight it needs.
Here is another one of those deals that makes your jaw drop.  She got this chair, just as it is at the church rummage sale.  I think she said she paid 20.00 for it!  The wood is exquisite!!!! I so wished I had seen this chair before her!!!

Ok I am saying it again!  I love this room.  This is her game room or play room for her kids. Lucky kids huh? The diamond pattern and game accents make it!
The points on the curtains match the diamonds, smart, smart, smart!
And last but not least, check out this guest room.  I wouldn't go home!  Angela's home is truly beautiful. It says sit down and stay for awhile. Her use of color, texture and pattern are just right! Thanks Angela for letting me stalk your house!

~toodles~ Laura

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Kirsty said...

Wow that pool... is AMAZING! and the bedrooms! I love the doggies!

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