Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome to our home!

A few months ago I added this old wrought iron shelf to our front porch and it has really turned out to be fun to decorate through the different seasons.A little bit of spray paint and lovlies to put on the shelves and we are good!
Meet Mr Jack, he was a great find at Goodwill. He is basically a wooden T with a winter coat on. The Goodwill he was purchased at is near one of the largest flea markets in the country so I find some pretty cool homemade stuff there on occasion. This is exactly how he came except I changed out his scarf. His tree lights up too!
Hear is a look at the whole shelf. I am crazy about these little cabins. This has got so little color compared to fall but I am really loving it.
How sweet is this?  Purchased at 2 separate times many years apart but they work so well together.
This is one of my favorite items I have. I bought it to make a coffee table out of, but have never done it because I love it just the way it is.
A little ornament nestled in among fall foliage.
And look at my sweet Rudolph. I have a whole heard of them (do they travel in heards?) in my front yard. A friend of my husbands made them from cedar, love them!

Back to the shelf... here it is all done up!

This stain glass window was purchased the same time and store the snowman was. I think I paid 10.00 for it. By the way did I mention that Jack was only 6.00!!!! What a steal huh?
And how sweet is this, again one of those things that could be made so easily but at the cost of 5.00, why???
I wish I were bundled up under a warm blanket with a fire going in a cabin just like this one.
I completely and totally love this luminary basket!!! I put some lights in the bottom of an empty basket, put pine cones in and spread more lights and more pinecones. These snowball things I got from that flea market after Christmas, great find!!!
You gotta come in closer and look at Jack's hat!  It's a faux racoon! How clever is that?  I fell in love with this guy the minute I saw him!
So how about you? Does your porch welcome your guest as soon as they walk up to your home???


Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

OMG look at your new blog makeover. It is so pretty. I like your porch very much- the sled with the hanging ornament is great. I will have to go back and read this post as I was just too busy drooling over the blog makeover- and look I can leave a comment easily now..hee hee
love it,

Amy Kinser said...

Your porch is just great. I love all of the details. What a great snowman welcoming guests. I love snowmen. I love the sled. I have my hubbies from when he was a child. I also love your little sign that says this family believes. That shelving unit is perfect for displays. Tell me, though, is your porch enclosed at all? Does anything blow off?

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi There . . . love your stained glass window . . so cool! Sandy:O)

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Seriously, I am so glad that you arent my neighbor. Then my severely undecorated porch would stand out even more against your awesome one!

Thanks for linking up!

love your guts

Anonymous said...

Wow - I love your decorations!

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